Video Game Pilot

In case you are looking for someone who is able to manage your account in a video game you are playing, I will come in handy. I’m diligent in doing repetitive tasks for several hours such as grinding and farming.

I know it sounds desperate but yes I’m desperate for a job in a crisis like this. I will do everything to sustain my family even with lowest rate it could be, I will instead of nothing.

Video game is a part of my life for long. I just stopped playing when all this commitment came to my life. But like what most people say, first love never dies. And being a gamer that will be a lifetime. In my case it is a matter of priority. But I can comeback to gaming if that will fill my commitment.

Being a gamer I can stay in a game for 18 hours a day. I can do repetitive ask for hours without a problem in case I need to grind or farm. I have also knowledge on macro that will help our farming life. I can’t say that I am very good in English but I can write an articles about game I play. Hence I can write a guide, news, or even reviews for your gaming blogs.