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The King : Eternal Monarch Episode 9 Recap *Spoiler Alert

The King : Eternal Monarch Episode 9 Recap *Spoiler Alert

The previous episode ended with a shocking revelation but this episode started smooth as Tae-eul and Lee Gon are out to find Song Jeong-hye, aside from doing work, both of them consider it as a date as they are in a nice place. Right after the stroll, Gon told Eun-seob that as from this day, he will be the unbreakable sword while they are having a breakfast.
Goo Seo-ryung mom drop by to her place with some side dishes, Seo-ryung asked her about the newspapers then she shared that the man who came back to get the umbrella few days ago looks exactly the same as the traitor Lee Rim. Hearing it, Seo-ryung checked the newspaper again.

As soon as Gon realizes that Shin-jae is one of his citizens, he knew that Lee Rim brought him into this world because the traitor needs his parents. With the sudden revelation, Shin-jae confronted Tae-eul.

While Tae-eul and the rest of the team are celebrating Eun-seob’s discharged, the time suddenly stopped, Gon started to count the minutes or seconds. It turned out that Lee Rim crossed the portal again and now is in the Republic of Korea, then his assistant reported everything that happened while he was away including Kim Gi-hwan dissaperance.

By using Gi-hwan’s phone, Gon manage to answer Lee Rim’s call and revealed that he already knew that he was in Republic of Korea then both of them broke the phone. While Seo-ryung tries to find anything about the treason 25years ago, her greed seems to grow as she now wanted to be a queen.

Gon and Tae-eul are in a popular dating place enjoying beer and chicken. Tae-eul is sad, thinking that Gon is about to leave but then she gave the file of the person who died in her previous case, upon seeing the photo, Gon realized that it is somewhat the counterpart of one of his people. Gon revealed that he will leave Yeong behind and take Eun-seob instead because Lee Rim is currently at loose and Yeong is the only one who can kill him. Feeling sorry for the trouble that they caused, Gon hugged Tae-eul and promised that he will be back soon.

Yeong and Eun-seob switch their looks, while Lady Noh ordered the royal guards to fetch the King in the bamboo forest. The King arrived with Kim Gi-hwan and Captain Jo who was holding a balloon.

To be in unfamiliar place is consider amusing Eun-seob including the vest that the guards are wearing. Then Gon appeared and orders Sub-captain Seok to guard the bamboo forest and arrest everyone who will appear especially a man of his 70s. As per the request, the second captain got confused why the king is ordering him and not the captain.

In the horse stable, Gon found the man who is apparently bought by Lee Rim from the other world, he ordered to his house arrest. Meanwhile at Seoul Jongno Police Station, everyone is confused why Shin-jae is in vacation. Tae-eul tried to contact him but he was drowning himself in alcohol.

While Gon with Eun-seob are trying to unlock Yeong’s laptop, the prime minister arrived for the year end report. During the time, Na-ri shared with Tae-eul that she noticed Eun-seob is acting weird and looks lame. Tae-eul decides that they should just meet in the hotel then Yeong gave her a gold to sell. It seemed that he can adapt into their world easily as he manages to get a driver’s license. Eun-seob on the other hand is bored and sleepy while waiting watching the King and the Prime Minister. Seo-ryung then asked if the traveler is met got home already then foods arrived and as soon as the King called Yeong to eat, Eun-seob grabbed a seat and took a kimchi pack in his coat. It seems that Seo-ryung didn’t realize that the kimchi came from a different world as she asked Gon about marrying her.

Shin-jae visited his doctor before, asking for a prescription because he can’t sleep. While Eun-seob is still in awe in everything around the palace. Gon then challenge him that if he manages to unlock Yeong’s laptop he will get a chance to try the skin care that had been made especially for the king. Obviously, Eun-seob succeeded in unlocking it in just a glimpse of an eye. Inside, he saw the CCTV records of Tae-eul wandering around. While Tae-eul seems to be missing Gon as she started to look back the time, they had together including the kiss they shared while Gon is asking her to come with him and leave her world. Inspite of the fact that they are in different world, both of them are undeniably connected as Gon also misses Tae-eul but as he continues to watch the footage, a boy playing yo-yo caught his attention then a thunder and lightning appeared then his back started to hurt. Gon then realized that Tae-eul is wearing a different shirt as she was passing Haesong Bookstore.

While Lee Rim kept stirring paint, his assistant arrived and reported that Shin-jae and Tae-eul are lurking around their people. Infuriated, Lee Rim grabbed his assistant and throw him in a fire pit and ordered to eliminate Jung Tae-eul. Lee Gon, on the other hand got a report from the second captain that he can’t find Haesong Bookstore, he then handed the flashdrive that contains that footages of the events that the King attended. Gon also know now that when the time stops again, Lee Rim enters in Kingdom of Corea.

Prince Buyeong appeared in a bookstore where Lee Rim assistant was staying. He then meets the King and watched the sun rise of the first year as they discuss something about fate. As he watches the snow, Gon wishes Tae-eul a happy new year then the time stopped.

Time stopping only means that Lee Rim is now in the Kingdom of Corea, so Gon hurried to find him as he knew that he is watching him. With Maximus and the citizens around, Gon finally saw Lee Rim who didn’t grow old.


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