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The King : Eternal Monarch Episode 8 Recap *Spoiler Alert

The King : Eternal Monarch Episode 8 Recap *Spoiler Alert

Continuing from the previous episode, we saw Tae-eul wondering what about someone who look like her in the other world followed by Lee Rim who is currently in a bookstore in the Kingdom of Corea, in one of the books he saw a note with a guest user and Tae-eul’s missing ID card. Knowing that the such thing doesn’t exist in their world, he knew that things got entangled strangely. Knowing that he didn’t bought the thing made him curios but as soon as his assistant saw Tae-eul’s photo he said that the person is well-known as Luna who can do everything for money. Lee Rim orders to track her down and bring her.

As Luna is set free, the prime minister manages to meet her, saying that they already meet once and she once said that she’s a fan but the haggard looking Luna just shrugged her shoulder and responded that she can’t recall meeting her and she didn’t even vote her during the election. Thinking that she’s trying to avoid her confrontation, Seo-ryung mocked her but Luna didn’t even bother while stating that she doesn’t have a good background. Seo-ryung continue to question Luna but Luna just shrugged and     just replied that she is just spewing nonsensical questions. Seo-ryung later realized that she is not the one she saw in front of KU Building.

After the encounter with the prime minister, Luna is in a café treating herself an ice cream.  She approached the kid in the next table, saying that she should tell her mom to go out because she will be going to kill the man behind her. The innocent child asked why and she responded that she was in jail because he betrayed her.  Right after the child left, Luna grabbed the chair and smashed it in the back of the man. Beating up the one who betrayed her is not something that worries her because she doesn’t really have someone to take care of.

Meanwhile, Tae-eul continue to ask around regarding Lee Seong-jae but the admin manager simply stated that the records are all gone. Following it is the pregnant woman that Lee Rim recruited, it seems that she is starting to prepare herself to replace the elite woman from the other world. While Seo-ryung is thinking that Luna is messing with her, she then got a call from her mom and found out that her mom didn’t actually sent the newspaper. In the middle of their conversation, as customer appeared so her mother ended the call. The person is actually Lee Rim, who said that he left his umbrella a long time ago and wanted to get it back. In a corner of an alley, Luna appeared in front of the boy who is reading a book entitled King Arthur to get a key, she then gave her bunny jacket thinking that the boy might get cold for staying outside.

Shin-jae and Tae-eul continue to investigate in their current murder case but Shin-jae took-off early to fetch his mom. At the same time, Gon decided to face the gangters again with Yeong but it turns out that Yeong switched himself to Eun-seob, upon hearing Yeong is suppose to fight the gangsters Eun-seob quickly hide behind Gon’s back. Realizing that he was with Eun-seob, Gon decides to fight the gangsters alone but before he moves an inch, Yeong stepped in and fought which had been seen by chief Moon-sik and detective Shim. They were surprised to see Eun-seob fighting. After the commotion, Gon and Yeong head back to the hotel as Gon lectures Yeong for calling him a fool and decided to punish him by making a mole in his face. He then got a call from Tae-eul and started to report everything that he was doing including drinking a coffee, eul happened to be in the same area so she decided to stop by and asked Gon if he will still love her if she didn’t help him when he first came in their world, before leaving she mutter “I Love You” which mesmerized Gon.

Captain Jo seems to start on his mission but someone called him which appeared to be someone who looks like Seung-ah, he asked if they have some romantic connection but Na-ri just shrugged and replied that he is probably out of his mind and erased the mole in his face.  He later found out that Eun-seob had a crush on her.

While Tae-eul and Jangmi are catching the murder suspect, Shin-jae is having dinner with his mom and tries to mend things between them. But it turns out that someone had been sending Shin-jae’s photos to her mom’s counterpart in the other world.

Gon and Yeong came back to the place that serves stew. Gon exclaimed that he can finally try the menu because the gangsters are not around anymore. Inside they saw a familiar face but it seemed that the person also knows them. They manage to capture him, it turned out that he is one of Lee Rim’s men who was present when the traitor declared treason.

Solving another murder case is a relief but Ta-eul found out that the murderer also got two phones which is quite disturbing. The murderer is actually someone connected with Lee Rim and wants to cross the portal to the other world.

Gon and Tae-eul meet in the café, eul later shared the intel that she got. Shin-jae on the other hand, found out that Tae-eul is after a boy and as he visits the boy’s grave, some flashbacks from his memory took place. Then the Ji-hun’s mother appeared. Seo-ryung on the other hand received another newspaper with U.S. President Trump visiting North Korea, thinking that it’s a sign or something, she tried to find what she should look and got surprised to see someone like her in a photo.

Shin-jae find everything odd so he sneaks into Gon’s hotel room and find’s an envelope with the Kingdom of Corea symbol then some memories flashes back and he recalled Gon mentioning that the said symbol only exists in the other world. He was later attacked by Captain Yeong but they started fighting, he realized that it is actually someone who looks like Eun-seob, who was in the lobby. Gon knew that Shin-jae is curious about the emblem and he thought Tae-eul told him but Shin-jae got more confused then memories of him seeing Prince Lee Gon crying took place. Finally Gon realized that Shin-jae belong into their world and he is probably the reason why he should come to the Republic of Korea.


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