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The King : Eternal Monarch Episode 7 Recap *Spoiler Alert

The King : Eternal Monarch Episode 7 Recap *Spoiler Alert

The seventh episode starts as Prince Buyeong and Lady Noh spread the ashes of the traitor Lee Rim.  Standing where they scattered Lee Rim’s remains, after 24 years, the two of them look back that time then Prince Buyeong revealed that the body they found is not Prince Imperial Geum. Right after the revelation, a scene of Lee Rim looking in Tae-eul and Shin-jae picture took place followed by Lee Gon’s appearance staying that Tae-eul is not a danger to him but he is to her followed by the scene of Tae-eul and Shin-jae practicing quick firing.

Meanwhile Lee Gon seemed to be in a hurry to finish all his task while Prime Minister is starting to feel daunted with the thought of what else she doesn’t have to get the attention of the King. During the time, Tae-eul and her team got another murder case and Lady Noh found the palace worker who are spying and spreading rumors on the king with the help of Myeong Seung-ah. We will later realize that one of the palace guard look exactly the same to the witness of the murder that Tae-eul is currently working.

As Tae-uel and the team started to investigate the case, Yoo Kyung-moo on the other hand is also tailing Shin-jae. While Tae-eul and Shin-jae are in a stakeout, the King meet China’s representatives.

Na-ri got a haircut which startled Tae-eul as she thought about Seung-ah in the Kingdom of Corea. As they continue talking, Tae-eul shared that she actually slept in a man’s place, remembering her day with Lee Gon. Tae-eul later asked Na-ri on how would she react she there’s someone from another world who looks exactly the same as her. Hearing it, Na-ri thought about doppelgangers, saying that she has to kill her as one of the doppelgangers always ends up dying because it’s the rule of the universe. Hearing it disturbed Tae-eul as she thought of the persons in the Kingdom of Corea. Na-ri continue to explain that having two worlds will bring chaos as one world is is bound to destroy the other.

Thinking that he completed all his tasks, Lee Gon is about to go into Tae-eul world but plans to leave Maximus behind. However, as he took Maximus of the caretakers appears suspicious. In the bamboo forest, Lee Gon saw Captain Jo waiting for him because of the thought that he will meet Luna the criminal again. After hearing Jo Young, Lee Gon realized that someone who look like Tae-eul exists in their world. Captain Jo gave Lee Gon two options for him to get through, one is fighting him and the other is to go with him. The King decided to bring him along and leave the horses thinking that having two horse in Tae-eul’s backyard is a bit too much. Thinking that Gon is just spewing nonsense, Yeong find the portal more unbelievable.

While Lee Rim is having a conversation with some of his allies, he noticed that the time stopped, he then mumbled that the King left the palace again. During that time, Seo-ryung is having a snack in her office got startled as she saw her reflection in the monitor with a different outfit. Lee Rim on the other hand started to think on why Lee Gon keeps leaving the palace and at the same time he manages to kill HG group’s son which is to be replaced by the suspicious caretaker it was later announced that he will take over as his father Chairman Park Mun-haeng will retire.

At the palace, Lady Noh found a note from Gon that he is not around and he is with Yeong. Reading the note makes Lady Noh worry as she knew that the traitor is somewhat alive. During the time, Tae-eul seemed to be missing Gon as she opened the identity file that she made when she meets Gon. But as she arrived in the Taekwondo Center, she found Gon patiently waiting for her arrival which had been seen during the last scenes of the previous episode.

An unexpected reunion is surely touching but as they enter the center, Tae-eul was surprised to see Captain Jo inside that she thought him to be Eun-seob but she later realizes that it’s actually not Eun-seob. Captain Jo is trying to absorb everything but got more confused as Tae-eul welcome him to the Republic of Korea. Back to the Palace, Lady Noh manage to find excuses for the King and Captain Jo’s absence, she also tries to look for the thief who took Tae-eul’s ID card.

Knowing that Captain Jo had someone who look like him in their world bring uneasiness to Tae-eul while Yeong started to get frustrated as his phone can’t get a signal but Eun-seob suddenly appeared which startled all of them. Gon tried to hold the situation but seeing someone who looked like him seems hard to handle for Eun-seob resulting for him to faith. Tae-eul started to panic then Eun-seob came back to senses but then again Eun-seob saw Yeong and started mumbling that he actually looks good while Tae-eul tries to explain about the parallel universe. Eun-seob tried to grasp the situation saying that everything Gon had said are actually true and Yeong is indeed his bodyguard but as their conversation continues, Eun-seob collapsed again then Tae-eul decided that they should go to Eun-seob’s house.

In Eun-seob’s house, Captain Jo checked every corner which made Eun-seob make fun of him, for him it was a dream come true as he wished to be a citizen in Kingdom of Corea. Same faces with different personalities couldn’t really match so Tae-eul decided to set some rules. Then Tae-eul asked Gon to talk, leaving the two behind.

Meanwhile, Tae-eul and Lee Gon are having beer, Tae-eul got Gon a phone but upon seeing Shin-jae is contact Gon questioned her but Tae-eul insists that he is one of the five people that can help him if he is in her world. Without saying anything, Gon called someone which is apparently Tae-eul, amused Tae-eul asked him to hung-up but Gon replied that he always wanted to do the usual stuff like a normal person with Tae-eul which include calling her. As the fried chicken arrive, Tae-eul tried to taste it but Gon stopped her and while holding her hand, he took a bite in the fried chicken. Tae-eul asked him to let go of her hand but Gon refused so Tae-eul suggested that he should just hold her left hand. Gon considered the suggestion and he hold eul’s left hand, Tae-eul grabbed the shades in her side and wore it and explained that she’s about to start the daily life that she’s been planning for a long time. The so-called transformation stunned Gon but it didn’t stop him from spending more time with Tae-eul.

In the arcade, the owner instantly recognized Gon, stating that he brought her girlfriend.  Tae-eul tried the shooting game and got all of them bulls-eye which shocked the owner since Gon humiliated himself last time. Looking side by side, Tae-eul still acted cool while explaining the rules of shooting to Gon who is currently holding the big teddy the Tae-eul got as a prize. Then Gon remembered Shin-jae which made him got jealous a little but he manage to snapped out of it and said that they should just continue doing their daily routine then grabbed Tae-eul’s hand because he need to be comforted but Tae-eul replied that they shouldn’t do it because they don’t have much time together, instead she took Gon’s arm to wrap around her shoulder.

While walking Tae-eul aside from herself, she is waiting for Gon as a detective, hearing that made Gon wonder if she is being threatened and as soon as she saw Gon’s reaction, she realized that what’s troubling her will happen.

Lee Rim on the other hand, is up to something again. Tae-eul showed Gon the recording she got and as they listened Gon comprehended that it’s a news from his world. Tae-eul wanted to dig more as it is part of the case she’s working before she met Gon and as a police officer she can’t look the other way.

Back at Tae-eul’s, her and Gon listen to the recordings. He’s worried it’ll be dangerous if she keeps investigating, and Tae-eul admits she considered covering it up. But the two worlds shouldn’t be colliding like this. Now that she’s discovered it, as a police officer, she can’t look the other way and the two worlds shouldn’t get mixed up.  Knowing that the two worlds are starting to collide already, she asked Gon’s cooperation, afterall they are the only one who could do the investigation.

Gon shows her Rim’s death certificate and explains the situation, both of them concludes that the traitor Lee Rim killed his counterpart in this world and living under his identity. As Tae-eul intends to investigate, she gave Gon some orders which includes not telling anyone that he is a king and keeping Jo Yeong out of trouble.  Tae-eul got a lot of command but Gon is happy to comply but in-return he got two requests, that she never tell him not to come back or tell him to leave. As their conversation started to get emotional, Tae-eul started to chase off Gon saying that Captain Jo might be anxious waiting for him now. But before he left, Tae-eul asked if someone who look like her doesn’t really exist in the Kingdom of Corea, to think that everyone she knew actually exists in his world. Gon remained silent and with that, Tae-eul realized that there’s someone who look like her in his world.

Meanwhile, Shin-jae and the team leader are having a drink, his eyes caught something. Someone is taking a photo of them but he can’t really tell. During the night, glimpse when he is still young and sick took place.

Another day started and Tae-eul started investigating, she found out that Lee Seong-jae died 24 years ago and his brother died from a hit-and-run while his nephew died in an accident. Upon seeing Lee Seong-jae nephew’s photo in the files, she muttered that Lee Gon actually exist in her world.

While Gon and Captain Jo stays in a hotel, Yeong keep insisting that they should go back to their world. Gon responded that he can’t give up either the two worlds but he will be back to their world by Thursday evening but he will leave Captain Jo behind.

The possibility that the traitor is still alive and just hiding in this world came to his thought that’s why he is asking Captain Jo track him down but before Gon continues, the time suddenly stopped. As it is the third time, Gon finally realized that that time stopping is actually not a side effect but a rule. Lee Rim is going back and forth just like him and whenever that happens, the time stops and with that Lee Rim eventually knew if he left the palace.  With a sudden realization, Gon thought that he should block the forest, then placed note in Yeong’s pocket.  Yeong couldn’t believe him and asked for proof but was stunned when she saw a note in his pocket.

Knowing that Lee Rim ought to kill them, Gon orders Captain Jo to kill Lee Rim as soon as he finds him. Meanwhile in the Kingdom of Corea, a police officer tried to contact Captain Jo with a news that he found Luna and the fingerprints that he gave last time matched with Luna which is already arrested for larceny and was actually in jail. During the time, Prime Minister Seo-ryung are having a nine-minute care but got disturb by her assistant with a news that the palace made a fingerprint analysis which turned to belonged from a woman with unknown identity but later got arrested for doing criminal acts. Upon hearing the news, Seo-ryung stopped what shed been doing and took the enveloped but to her surprise, the woman in the picture is actually someone that she’s jealous of. Her assistant says Luna will be released soon which is quite strange because she committed numerous crimes.

While Tae-eul are thinking about the parallel worlds, Seo-ryung got a mail from her mother’s house, inside is a newspaper with a headline about Donald Trump visiting North Korea but she thought that it is somekind of fake news. Luna is now out of penitentiary, wearing her bunny hoodie, she slowly walked but got stopped as a car driven by Seo-ryung arrived. The prime minister seemed to be ready to mocked her as she great her that they already meet before but Luna only cared on her last cigarette that had been shattered.


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