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The King : Eternal Monarch Episode 15 Recap *Spoiler Alert

Continuing from the previous episode, Tae-eul continues to reminisce the moment when she meets Gon in Gwanghwamun, she then a call from his dad telling that the police are in there house and then collapsed. Meanwhile Shin-jae got a call from Captain Yeong asking for his help, then the 2G phone rang and obviously Lee Rim wants him to steal Gon’s whip in exchange for keeping his two mothers safe.

Meanwhile Lee Rim meets Na-ri to do palm reading, then Eun-seob arrived and cheerfully asked Na-ri not to hold anyone’s hand. As Na-ri tries to read his hand, Eun-seob glanced at Lee Rim as if he saw him somewhere. Upon realizing that it was the traitor, Eun-seob tries to protect Na-ri, calmly Lee Rim asked him to convey a message to the Gon to meet him in the memorial mass for the death anniversary of his mother. After Lee Rim left, Eun-seob frantically calls Tae-eul but Na-ri told him that Tae-eul is outside. Anxiously he came to Tae-eul without even realizing that it is actually Luna but Shin-jae arrived which made Luna feel uncomfortable, Luna tried to get away but Shin-jae managed to stop her then Tae-eul appeared and punched her. As they question her, they found out that she had cancer.

While Tae-eul tries to confront Luna, the time stopped and Gon is running to the police station to find Tae-eul. As the clock continue clicking, Gon realized that he is finally made it in the year 2020. As soon as they saw each other, the two emotionally hugged. In the hospital room, Tae-eul ask Gon not to leave and tells that she remembered meeting him in the past, then the two talks about their fate.

As soon as Tae-eul falls asleep, Gon contacted Yeong later came with Shin-jae. Realizing that Gon travels in time, Shin-jae tells him that Lee Rim asked him to kill the king. Yeong also tells Gon that Lee Rim relayed a message to Eun-seob about the late queen’s memorial.  He unexpectedly saw Ji-hun’s mother and told him that Lee Rim is planning to use her against him.

While Tae-eul is still in the hospital, Gon stayed with her and expressed how caring he is. Meanwhile Yeong bids goodbye to Eun-seob and his siblings which turns dramatic as Eun-seob wishes to see him again. On the other hand, Tae-eul tells Gon about her future plans with him but Gon stop her as he is about to leave and go to the past where everything started. Emotionally, Tae-eul asked him to promise that he will come back no matter what.

Seo-ryung meets Lee Rim and tells that she wants the other half of flute which is currently in Gon’s care but before she could finish her sentence, Lee Rim grabbed her by the throat as if he is expressing his anger as asks her to bring him to the late queen’s memorial service as he is going to announce that there are two worlds. Then the time stopped, and by that Lee Rim knew that his nephew crossed the portal.

As soon as they arrive in the palace, Gon instantly ordered Secretary Mo to trace Lee Seung-heon’s location and as he confronts him, he orders him to be exiled. Meanwhile Shin-jae finally meets her real mother. Afterwards, Gon shares his plans to Shin-jae over a drink.

On the other hand, Lee Rim finds out that Jeong-Hye put poisoned in the food and she even ate some of it. As the antidote is about to be administered, the time suddenly stopped. Lee Rim tried to administer the antidote by himself but he the needle is stuck. Anxiously he grabbed the flute and the gun then heads out. In the road, he found Lee Gon and ask how he manage to find him as he transcended death. As soon as the time unfreezes, Lee Rim aim his gun to Gon but before he could pull the trigger, someone shot his leg. It was Yeong who came with Shin-jae and together they brought him into the bamboo forest. They tried to open the portal but it turns out that not anyone can use the manpasikjeok. But as Gon holds the other half, the portal appeared.  Seeing the obelisks on his father made Lee Rim stare in awe and tells that the moment that he’d been waiting finally came.

Not hearing the flute sound made Gon confused but Lee Rim is thinking about the eternity and infinity that waits in the other side. Since Gon wanted to go in the night of treason, he couldn’t make a decision while wondering how far he needs to go.

In the police station, Lee Rim is held under custody. Tae-eul asked Shin-jae how he managed to capture him. Shin-jae responded that he tracked down Jeong-hye who is died already. Meanwhile in the Kingdom of Corea, Gon orders that Se-Jin will succeed to the throne if anything happens to him.

As Tae-eul misses Gon, she stares in the money with Gon’s face then she saw the flowers that Gon bought for her wither and starts to fade. The thought about losing Gon made her uncomfortable so she hurriedly asks Lee Rim where manpasikjeok is.

Back in the Kingdom of Corea, a news about Prince Buyeong’s granddaughter Lee Se-jin sudden death shocked everyone including Gon. The news also surprised Seo-ryung as she knew that Lee Rim used Ji-yeong to cause the accident. Frantically Seo-ryung called her mom and asked what food she ate, she then realized that her had been replaced as she responded that she ordered jajangmyeon.

Tae-eul releases Luna and asks her to stay with her dad in her place, she then asks Shin-jae to give her the manpasikjeok. Shin-jae find her request absurd and admits that he has feelings for her so he can’t make her die but Tae-eul continues to beg.

Gon, on the other hand, wore his ceremonial outfit and asks Lady Noh to let him let go.  While Tae-eul finally wore the necklace that she got from Gon.

In the bamboo forest, Gon found Yeong waiting for him who swears that he will go with him anywhere. As soon as the portal appears, both of them hurries to enter.


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