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The King : Eternal Monarch Episode 14 Recap *Spoiler Alert

The previous episode left us hanging with Gon realizing that he is the one who saved himself when he was a kid and we can’t also stop ourselves from worrying as we witness Gon collapsing slowly, it seems that Luna put something in his drink.

The fourteenth episode started with Shin-jae seeing his counterpart and Tae-eul finds Goo Eun-a dead body. As Lady Noh worries it turned out that Luna poisoned Gon as per Lee Rim order and tried to get the whip.  Thankfully Captain Yeong arrived but as his concern in Gon’s safety, he didn’t manage to catch Luna. Yeong instantly called Tae-eul but unfortunately Tae-eul can’t come closer as the one who tried to kill Gon looks like her. Tae-eul then called Eun-seob to stay with his father.

Upon realizing what really happened in the past, Lee Rim got himself a lot of questions.  Meanwhile Gon asks about Tae-eul as soon as he wakes up but decided that he must go to the other world.

In the bamboo forest, Gon and Lee Rim are both staring in the portal and as the two entered it seemed that the manpasikjeok can sense its other half. It turns out that they are both want to catch one another and then we saw a photo of Tae-eul falling down and burning then a plant started to grow. The kid in the bookstore alley started to reveal that if the Manpasikjeok becomes one inside the gate, both the axes for time and space simultaneously form inside the gate. And when the Manpasikjeok becomes whole, it takes you to the moment when you wish to save yourself.  Both the king and the traitor were taken to the same point in time, the night of the treason. Because the king wished to save both worlds from the traitor, and the traitor wished to save his foolish self from failing the coup.

Lee Rim in the present meets the Lee Rim in the past who are about to start a rebellion and ordered to kill the prince first. As both of them are greedy, Lee Rim from the past killed Lee Rim who came from the present to have the legendary Manpasikjeok but as soon as he holds the Manpasikjeok, it started to fade as if he was holding nothing. Failing is something that Lee Rim couldn’t handle and it turns out that he created a monster in himself.

As the boy continues to narrate, Gon arrived in the scene where the traitor is about to kill the Prince which we saw in the first episode. Surprisingly, Lady Noh saw Gon during the incident then Gon found out that Seung-heon helped Lee Rim escaped.

In Republic of Korea, Tae-eul was devastated to know that Gon left already, while Shin-jae found out that it was his father who traded him. Meanwhile as Gon crossed the portal he found out that he was in year 1994 and as he tried entering the portal again, he was in the time where the young Gon is mourning in his father’s death. Frustrated, Gon’s tries to enter the portal again but unfortunately, he can only move laterally because he only got half of the Manpasikjeok. In order to get to year 2020, he has to travel through 26 years.  Realizing that he is currently in the time where his counterpart is about to get killed, he tried to report it to the police but it was already late cause the whole family except Jeong-Hye died already.

As he struggles to get back to the present time, Gon remember a certain moment with Tae-eul then the Manpasikjeok started to fade. He then meetTae-eul who was five years old that time and tells her that he will find a way to get back to her.

Meanwhile in the present time, Tae-eul is wondering when will the magic flower grow, she then got a call from Gyeong-ran with a recording from the year 1994. She then remembered meeting Gon when she was five-year-old and realized that Gon is currently in the past.  While Shin-jae tries to hide Hyeon-min as he is trying to find out the truth between the two of them.

As the team started to narrow down whereabouts of a suspect, Lee Rim’s men hinted that something is not right and escaped. While Seo-ryung also wanted to get the Manpasikjeok.

As she misses Gon, Tae-eul found herself in the bamboo forest, then a memory from the election day in the year 2016 swamped back and during that time she meet Gon telling her to wait a little longer.  Knowing that Gon came for her made Tae-eul glad then suddenly she saw something weird, Gon wrote something in the payphone.

On the other hand, Yeong had a dream he then realized that Gon came to the past and it seems that he is planning something. While Eun-seob is watching Luna who’s currently hanging out with Na-ri and Tae-eul’s father. As Tae-eul tries to confront her doppelganger, Luna instantly stab her and then left. Struggling, Tae-eul called the police station and asked for back-up.  She then suddenly remembers the time when she meets Gon with Maximus and realized that meeting him is not just coincidence.


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