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The King : Eternal Monarch Episode 13 Recap *Spoiler Alert

Continuing from the previous episode, Lady Noh asked Tae-eul about the war which seemed to happen in the other world. With Ok Nam’s revelations, we can definitely conclude that she came from Tae-eul’s world. Following the unexpected revelation, Gon found out that the Prime Minister crossed the portal and seemed to side with Lee Rim. After leaving the King’s study room, Seo-ryung ran into Tae-eul in the hallway, Tae-eul exposed that she’s been following her in the other world, she then a burning scar in the lower part of Seo-ryung’s neck as the thunder with a lighting crashed. Tae-eul then hurriedly came to Gon to confirm and inform him what she saw but Gon assured her and left as he got a call from the Forensics Medical Center with a news that they found a mark in Kim Gi-hwan’s body. Upon arriving, Kim Ju-Hyeon showed him the photos of Gi-hwan’s burned scar, she also added that in 11 years of working, she saw three bodies with the same scar and all on rainy days and all three had served terms in prison for parricide.

In the hospital someone attempts to kill Eun-seob but eventually he knew saw it coming as he found a lot of listening device in his room. After kicking out the intruder, Eun-seob asked Gon when they are going to leave but as Gon responds a thunder with a lighting crashed again but strangely Eun-seob is totally fine. Gon then starts to wonder why the scars are appearing.

Meanwhile Seo-ryung is quite anxious with her mysterious scar and it turns out that she meets Lee Rim and went to the parallel world. While Tae-uel went out to check the area where she held captive with the best trainee of the Royal Guard Jang Mi-reuk. Gon starts to figure out something to stop the Prime Minister then Ladt Noh entered the room with the news that she found a spy. As he meets Shin-jae’s mother, he found out that Lee Rim wanted to poison him. Then another revelation took place, the pregnant woman had been switched!

In the Republic of Korea, Luna went to Tae-uel’s home and meets her dad. While Ji hun’s mom saw a familiar face, who is actually Shin-jae’s mom but she was shocked to know that Shin-jae is healthy and living a normal life but suddenly she realized something and ran off and fortunately Captain Jo had been tailing her all along.

Back in the Kingdom of Corea, Tae-eul informs Gon that she might found the place of the portal that Lee Rim had been using to cross the other world and Gon tried to explain the might happen to the both world.


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