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The King : Eternal Monarch Episode 12 Recap *Spoiler Alert

After the dramatic and suspense episode, the newest episode started with Eun-seob wandering around the hospital. Followed by Jeong-Hye who tried to commit suicide. While Na-ri shared to Yeong that she experienced a deja-vu. Eun-seob finally meet Seung-ah which made him miss Na-ri. As Na-ri continue to wonder why Eun-seob is acting weird, a costumer came in who is actually Seo-ryung after a minute, Yeong walks in, both of them were surprised but continued to act normal. As Seo-ryung leaves, Yeong borrowed Na-ri’s car to tail her.

In the Kingdom of Corea, Gon in trying to located Tae-eul’s location, he then got a call that has something to do with Luna. As he checked the footage that the detective sent, he was relieved as he saw Tae-eul. Yeong on the other hand, are still tailing Seo-ryung, he called Shin-jae to ask for help as he can’t reach Tae-eul.

Meanwhile in the palace, Lady Noh found out that Park Suk-jin visited the bookstore where the traitors were hiding and it seemed that her identity is false. She confronted her but Min Seon-yeong already knew that she was caught so she drunk a poison but Lady Noh is determined to find out that person behind her so she ordered to call a doctor to keep the traitor alive.

Yeong decided to cut the chase and confronted the Prime Minister, but Seo-ryung attempts refute his allegations. Yeong is surprise to see her confident, it’s probably because Rim’s men following her. One of the men shoot Yeong and Seo-ryung drove away then Shin-jae arrived, thank goodness he only got a fractured ligament as he was wearing a bulletproof vest. Yeong share the first time that he meets Gon and the thought that he wanted him to be happy, Shin-jae mocked him but Yeong didn’t really care and continued in sharing Gon’s tragic past while Gon is in the middle of battle between Lee Rim’s men to get Tae-eul.

After facing the Rim’s men, Gon hurriedly came to Tae-eul. They both hugged each other and Tae-eul emotionally said that she missed him, she keeps repeating the word and added that two bullets are remaining in her gun. Gon took the gun instantly and fires twice then throws it. As they are about to leave, Tae-eul faints so Gon carried her bridal-style then walked to the smokey road.

In the palace, Gon placed Tae-eul in his chamber then Lady Noh arrived with the doctor. Thankfully Tae-eul only got some minor injuries and suffered dehydration. As Tae-eul woke-up, she shared the thought about the door in the bamboo forest being closed and she will never see Gon again. Gon replied that he had to deal with a lot of things that’s why he couldn’t go back. Tae-eul asks where Eun-seob is, Gon answered that he is currently in the hospital and fine, Tae-eul added that Yeong is doing great in the other world. Tae-eul asked Gon to leave but he just shrugged his shoulders and replied that it was his room, then Tae-eul slowly fall asleep. Gon gave her a kiss and stayed beside her.

The next day, Cabinet officials discussed the huge commotion that the King caused as he boldly announced that Tae-eul in his future queen, plus the fact that he caught the traitor’s followers himself. The officials also wonder why the Prime Minister remained silent with all the chaos, but they just focused on finding the future queen’s identity.

Meanwhile in the Republic of Korea, Luna already started in portraying Tae-eul’s life, she got eul’s phone from a locker and starts checking the contents including the photos and the recent history search. She then got a group message from Jangmi who was asking about the food that they should order. Jangmi didn’t get a reply from Tae-eul so he asked Shin-jae but Team Leader Moon-shik arrived with detective Shim and informs that took a vacation leave.

In the Kingdom of Corea, Tae-eul woke-up without Gon in her side so she tried to look for him, she found the kitchen staffs whispering as Gon is in the kitchen washing rice in his navy uniform. Gon prepared a heartful meal for her, so Tae-eul enjoyed it while they are talking. Tae-eul decided that she should visit Eun-seob after eating and asked if her clothes had been washed, Gon then takes her to pick a new wardrobe that he personally prepared. Tae-eul saw the outfit that Gon was wearing when he recently visited her. As Tae-eul wore the outfit that she picked, she found a box in the coat pocket, inside it is beautiful necklace. She tries it on but then removed it and puts it back in its box. Upon seeing that Tae-eul didn’t wear the necklace, Gon asks Tae-eul if she didn’t saw a box, eul responded that she found it but its too pretty that she wanted to wear it in a glorious day and asked how did he knew what outfit she’s going to pick, Gon answered that it’s because he know everything but it turns out that all the outfits have a box of necklace in its pocket.

At the hospital, Eun-seob got a report that the King is arriving so he tried to do a security check, he then heard a familiar voice got surprised as he saw Tae-eul. He then saw Gon with a cake, as he ate the cake, he unconsciously mumbled that the twins would love the luxurious cake. Knowing that he misses his siblings, Tae-eul assures him that the twins are doing well. Ta-eul brings up Na-ri but he tried to deny that he is thinking about her but his face brightens as Tae-eul shares that Na-ri and Yeong are not getting along well.

After the hospital visit, Gon and Tae-eul went to the warehouse where she was held and assumes that Lee Rim is that one that brought her. They realized that Rim might wanted to trade her to Manpasikjeok’s another half. Later on, Gon take Tae-eul to the church where his parents got married and shared the love story of his father and mother, Tae-eul also shared the story of her mom and dad but they were interrupted by a priest who notices their entwined hands. As the priest assure them that his lips are sealed, Gon asked him to take a photo of them. As the priest counts down, it seems that the time stopped and Gon stares at Tae-eul who is smiling, and as Lady Noh narrates a poem from Kim Sowol book, Gon got emotional but he managed to pull himself together and moved closer to Tae-eul then smiles for the photo as if nothing happened.

In the palace, Tae-eul tried to kick Gon out of the room as she attempts avoid his scolding but Gon responded that it is his room and they had been sleeping together. Tae-eul slaps his shoulder then a thunder and lighting flashed, Gon suddenly felt pain and holds his shoulder. Tae-eul thought that he’s just fooling around and overreacting cause she didn’t hit him hard. Gon explained that his shoulder is hurting as if it is burning and Tae-eul worriedly checked it and saw the scar as the lighting crashed again. But he is not the only one who are experiencing the mark and pain, it turned out that Lee Rim’s men are also suffering. Tae-eul couldn’t hide her worries and Gon concluded that it’s a side effect of crossing the road of thunder and lighting and asked if Tae-eul felt pain or something, Tae-uel responded that she’s fine and tried to check her shoulder which made Gon kiss her.

Meanwhile in the Republic of Korea, it seems that Lee Rim intentionally bumped Shin-jae on the street amidst the rain. In his hideout, he found a cigarette butt on the floor, upon checking the cctv footage he found out that Luna came and took some money. Moving on, it seems that Jung-hye is tired of living as she tried to provoke Lee Rim by smashing his head with a vase and tried to get his umbrella. Furious, Rim just tossed her to the floor and asked why his scars are appearing, he also revealed that he’s keeping her alive to use her as a bait.

Seo-ryeong is now back in the Kingdom of Corea and unexpectedly meet the pregnant woman, while eating the two started to share a conservation and the lady wondered if she didn’t hear the news about the King announcing his future queen. Upon checking the news, Seo-ryeong left with an odd message.

In the palace, sub-captain reported to the King that Lee Sang-do is saying that he is in pain and it seems to be burning and happens when raining. Before Gon reacts, secretary Mo arrived and informs him that the Prime Minister came unannounced. Gon asked Seo-ryeong the reason why she tried to tied him down but Seo-ryeong calmly denied Gon’s allegation and opened the marriage proposal. Gon states that everything in the news in true and revealed that he was inlove with someone. But before Seo-ryeong responds, a thunder with a lighting flashed and caused her wheeze in pain and in an instant, Gon saw a burning scar on her neck.

Over tea, Lady Noh explained to Tae-eul the reason why she treated her harshly. She then shared her personal information to Tae-eul and asked what happened in the war in June, 1950. Tae-eul seems astonished in silence then they stared at each other.


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