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The King : Eternal Monarch Episode 11 Recap *Spoiler Alert

The King : Eternal Monarch Episode 11 Recap *Spoiler Alert

The previous episode ended in a melodramatic manner but the eleventh episode kick-off with a little bit suspense as we witness Luna drives a motorcycle and being followed by Detective Kang but expectedly encountered an accident.

Lee Rim captured Luna and offered a team-up. While the whole Kingdom of Corea are still in awe and despair in Prince Buyeong sudden death. Prime Minister Goo seems to be getting hints as she saw photos of Lee Rim wandering around. Lady Noh on the other hand is still shocked because of Prince Buyeong passing and Gon couldn’t also hide his pain.

Meanwhile Tae-eul continue to miss Gon’s presence as she reminisces all the moments, they shared together including the kiss. She later got a call telling that Jang Yeon-ji committed suicide at the penitentiary and by that eul concluded the Lee Rim got rid of her. Along with Shin-jae, they started to dig more and they will start with Song Jeong-hye. Shin-jae asked who Lee Rim is alongside. While Luna seemed to be joining Lee Rim.

As per his death, Prince Buyeong eldest son Seung-Heon arrived and while checking his late father’s belonging, he tried to approach Gon with taking over some jobs in the royal court but Gon firmly told him that he can’t stay in the Kingdom and he can’t succeed the throne. Right after Gon got the autopsy report, the time suddenly stopped so Gon decided that he should go into the other world however Secretary Mo came rushing as showed that various rumors are spreading online which is obviously made the Prime Minister.

Shin-jae finally meet the person that keeps tailing him and offered alliance. Injured, he arrived at the police station and handed the 2G phone to Tae-eul. Meanwhile Gon stayed in his world and just continued to check Prince Buyeong’s daily log and realized that Prince Buyeong left him a hint.

As Tae-eul continue to reminisce the moments she shared with Gon, she unexpectedly saw Seo-ryung’s counterpart, upon checking she found out her name is Goo Eun-a. Meanwhile Luna is now in the other world and observing Tae-eul, she’s practically starting to transform herself to switch places with Tae-eul.

Tae-eul suddenly felt dizzy and collapsed then Seo-ryung appeared in Na-ri’s café and unexpectedly saw Yeong while Gon continues to count the amount of frozen time and found out that the time of the both worlds might stop forever. He later found out that the owner of the bookstore is Rim’s assistant. Along with his guards, they raided the bookstore and killed everyone including the owner who is actually the counterpart of Lee Rim’s assistant in the other world.

Meanwhile Tae-uel woke-up in strange warehouse and finds herself tied-up and being guarded by some gangsters. She then suddenly saw a boy. While Gon realize that the persons with the same faces are stealing their counterpart’s lives. He then ordered the sub-captain to gather their army as it seems that they are going to rescue Tae-eul.

Moreover, the boy untied Tae-eul while saying that he is trying to maintain the balance. Using the knife that the boy gave, Tae-uel fought with Rim’s men and managed to escape. She later realized that she is in the Kingdom of Corea. Meanwhile Lee Rim found out that everyone in the bookstore had been killed and Tae-eul got away. Furious, he instantly killed the informant and demand to get her dead or alive.

Tae-uel finally managed to get herself in the main road wherein she found a payphone, she then left a message to Gon that she is currently in the Kingdom of Corea and being chased then a truck came rushing and crushed the payphone. She managed to avoid the hit and killed the driver and emotionally she points the gun to Lee Rim’s men while standing in the midpoint of the road. Fighting the men who are after her is obviously a suicide but she found hope as she hears the siren the police cars and helicopters along with Lee Gon who is riding on Maximus and the palace guards.

As Gon and the guards continue to get closer to her, Tae-eul got emotional. Then Gon ordered that she should be protected at all cost as she is the future queen of the Kingdom, they then fought Lee Rim’s men.



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