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The King : Eternal Monarch Episode 10 Recap *Spoiler Alert

The King : Eternal Monarch Episode 10 Recap *Spoiler Alert

The newest episode started smooth as Shin-jae look back in his moment with Tae-eul while eating a rice cake and the time when he discussed to his doctor that his dreams seems to be true as he meets someone from the other world. Then Tae-eul arrived and revealed that Lee Sang-do is still alive, Shin-jae couldn’t believe everything and just thought that Tae-eul is delusional.

Gon was shocked, to see Lee Rim walking like a normal person in one of the footages, he then realized something and hurried to catch him in the portal. While Tae-eul is emotionally walking in the bamboo forest, she saw a balloon appeared along with Gon who is surprised to see Tae-eul. Even though it is somewhat unexpected, both of them couldn’t hide their happiness as they rushed to hug. While hugging Gon, Tae-eul is emotional then Gon asked if she’s been waiting for him. Tae-eul couldn’t believe that Gon came back fast and asked if Gon is finally back but Gon respond that he can’t stay long then they continue to hug each other. Meanwhile, Secretary Mo is frantically asking Lady Noh about the sudden disappearance of the King, then Gon entered the room.

Yeong on the other hand, gave Tae-eul a spare key to the hotel room as they greet each other a happy new year. He then spends some time with Eun-seob’s family, while Tae-eul are in a duty with the rest of the squad then Shin-jae appeared and told Tae-eul that he ready to hear the case regarding two phones.

As another year starts, Gon gave his speech then Eun-seob cheers him cheerfully. While Seo-ryung seems to be starting her mission to be a queen, afterwards, Captain Jo got a call from detective Kang. Upon getting the call, Gon and Eun-seob went to the police station to meet detective Kang but they as they got the message late, Gon just got a news that Luna had been released out of prison early because she is terminally ill.But it turns out that Luna isn’t actually her real name, which she got from a cat’s choker.  Gon also asked for Kim Gi-hwan information and comprehended that Lee Rim’s followers who have the same faces are stealing the lives of their counterparts.

While Gon stare in the first snow of the new year, the time suddenly stopped and by that, he knew that Lee Rim entered their world so he hurried to the bamboo forest which is being guarded by second captain and the guards. The guards didn’t saw anyone around so Gon concluded that they have different gateway and realized that Lee Rim had a plan B, he then ordered Seung-ah post that he will going to have an event in Haeundae.  With the civilians around, he finally saw Lee Rim walking effortless.

The King’s order to arrest the traitor Lee Rim shocked the people around, then the palace guards arrive but Lee Rim also got himself some guards. As the commotion starts, Rim’s man manages to get grab some hostages, everyone panicked. Eun-seob saw something pointing a gun towards Gon so he jumped forward to protect him but got shot. Then Lee Rim walked as if nothing happened while his man followed after injuring the hostages. To stop the casualties getting involved, Gon decided not to chase the traitors. The news about the involving the shoot out and Captain Jo getting shot eventually reached Prime Minister Seo-ryung, along with it are the rumors that Lee Rim being alive is spreading online. Prince Buyeong also heard the rumors.

Thankfully Eun-seob and the other two civilians are out of danger. After the unexpected face-off, Lee Rim is still confident that the King couldn’t touch him but his assistant reported that Prince Buyeong appeared in the bookstore so they should be cautious. Yeong on the other hand saw Shin-jae’s mother, who looked like someone in the royal court. Afterwards, Tae-eul arrived in the hotel room with Shin-jae, then the three of them started to draw the connection between the victim of the recent murder cases.

Upon arriving, Lady Noh worriedly welcome the King, then Gon revealed that the traitor is alive but he can’t capture him because of some circumstances. Then Seo-ryung called to confirm if the traitor Lee Rim really appeared and alive.

As Shin-jae and Tae-eul visited the culprit of the recent murder case, Shin-jae saw the suspicious car again. Gon requested Prince Buyeong to be in the palace as he will personally track down Lee Rim. Meanwhile, Shin-jae found out that the vehicle who was following him is registered under a missing person.

Before they eat, he asked Tae-eul about the other world, eul cheerfully shared the times when she was in the Kingdom of Corea. She also added that she tried find Shin-jae’s counterpart there but didn’t saw him. While Captain tries to figure out the connection between Shin-jae and Kang Hyeon-min.

Infront of Lee Ji-hun’s grave, Shin-jae revealed to Tae-eul the reason why she couldn’t find him in the other world.  The sudden revealed made Tae-eul emotional as if she felt Shin-jae’s pain. Meanwhile Seo-ryung started to check Lee Rim’s whereabouts.

As per the King’s order, Prince Buyeong hurries to go to the palace but Lee Rim appeared in his office covered with blood. Rim wore the King’s ring and choked Prince Buyeong to death. Amidst the rain, the boy who wore Luna’s bunny hoodie is still reading that book entitled King Arthur, he saw Lee Rim passing.

Meanwhile Tae-eul arrived in the hotel room with some foods, then Yeong gave Gon’s phone saying that he can’t use the phone because of the history search. Yeong then asked her what eul will do after they catch Lee Rim, as they both know that she and Gon are living in a different world.  As Gon try to reminisce the recent moment he shares with Tae-eul, secretary Mo frantically enters with a news regarding Prince Buyeong.

While the whole Kingdom of Corea is mourning for Prince Buyeong death, Tae-eul diligently water the magical plant then she saw Gon standing outside.  Gon arrived with a flower and said that he needed to go back and he love her deeply. Both of them got emotional then Gon slowly moved closer to give Tae-eul a kiss but suddenly disappeared. Everything happened in just a flashed, Tae-eul continue to cry in despair while holding the flower Gon gave.


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