Is It Safe To Use Adjustment Program To Reset Epson Printer?

is it safe to use adjustment program for printer reset

In case Epson technician told you that this will damage the board of your printer. And if that is the case you better stay away from that printer technician.

I have experience with a local Epson service center in Philippines. At first I was happy because there will be a legitimate technician here in our place and I don’t need to go to main district. But all of my excitement turned down when this so called legit are actually mid-tier printer technician.

I remember when they said that I shouldn’t use adjustment program that may cause problem in board. Of course I believed because there were working from Epson. So I stopped using software and hire them to reset my printer. Everything’s fine until I sent to them my broken L805 and that is the start of my worst printing experience.

Actually I already reviewed L805 as trash. I can do nothing about it so I ask for the service of Epson technician. My printer had issue on magenta. They fixed as they said but after 2 months the problem persisted again. Then I shown to them again and after a week fixing, they’ve said that I really need to replace printhead. Well my emotion stirred up in confusion. If only they said it in the first place. But they what they did is to pretend that my printer was already fixed. But that was not the end of my disappointment. I have discovered that they consumed all my inks in head cleaning. I told them that if they already knew the problem why they forced for head cleaning that had wasted my ink. The price of 6-color ink set is almost the same as printhead. I was really disappointed not only for my printer but also my trust to them. They are scam.

Going back to adjustment program. I used it again and that was for years and still no problem or anything like what they said. It was proven that they are scam. They have a good reputation being official service center of Epson but I advice that do not trust them. They charged higher rate because they said that they are good. But the truth is you can’t trust them.

I know that not only them but several technician will scam you especially if you don’t have knowledge in the product. As for printer technician, for you to know if they can trust them or not is to tell them if that you are using adjustment program and ask them if this is safe. If they said that it will cause harm in your printer’s board, well get the hell out of there. If they said that you can use it but you still need to replace or clean your waste ink pad, that will be a honest answer. Resetting alone will not the do the job if you really need to replace or even dry up the pad. In my case I use to dry my pad every three resets.

So that’s the answer to the question. It is safe as a matter of fact, the same adjust program is what printer technician is using. As for instance, my free L3110 resetter is from Epson service center also. I shared it for free because they gave it to me for free.


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