Free Epson T04D100 Ink Maintenance Box Resetter

free chip resetter

This resetter will work to all Epson printers with T04D100 Ink maintenance box such as L6160, L6168, L6170, L6171, L6178, L6190, L6191 WF-7710, WF-7715, ET-2760, ET-3710, ET-3700, XP-5100, ET-15000, ST-M1000, ST-M3000, ET-4760, ET-3760, Et-4760, ST-4000, St-3000, WF-2860 etc.

As we can see, the latest printers from Epson are not able to be reset by typical adjustment program. Though the adjustment program will work on other features such as print head cleaning, nozzle check, diagnosis etc. but for resetting a different tool specifically for T04D100 Ink Maintenance Box is required. Epson uses chip system on every maintenance box that makes for user to unable to flush the wastepad counter by software. So for this one you need a Chip Resetter. Every maintenance box has a specific resetter. Using unmatched resetter will end your maintenance box.

Luckily I have a chip resetter for T04D100 which I’m going to share for free. I have ordered this useful tool from China for $50. With all the risks I have in my mind, I purchased because I don’t want to rely forever on buying a new $15-worth maintenance box every 3 months.

When I got the tool, I reset all maintenance boxes I used and fortunately it worked. There is no limit in using this tool that is why I want to share it to everyone. So if you are looking forward for this free reset service, all you have to do is to ship your used maintenance box to me and then I will reset it and send it back to you. I know that this will cost you shipping fee but  it is much cheap compare to buying a brand new box. Before writing this blog, I already have experienced shipping from Manila to my address which cost $3. But of course you need to inquire on preferred company on how much it takes to send from your location going here in Capiz, Philippines so you will know how much you are going to spend for resetting your maintenance box. It will be better if you are going to send several box at once.

If you are outside Philippines, sorry to say that I can’t help you. One thing I can share is my experience of using the chip resetter, and yes it is working and worth the cost.

In case that you are looking for other resetter for Epson printer, I have a database here and I’m willing to share it to you. Just drop the printer’s model name in the comment form below.


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