Cuyi Cutter Plotter : How To Calibrate and Fix Common Issues

Cuyi Cutter Plotter How To Calibrate and Fix Minor Issue

I reviewed Cuyi and Cameo as most people are asking about these two cutters. And in my verdict, Cuyi is far better than Cameo if you can calibrate and fixing minor issues. Fortunately, I’m here to share to you my solution on these problems so your cutter can perform its full potential.

First we need to analyze your problem. I can fix it if you are experiencing the following problems:

1. The blade can’t cut the materials such as vinyl, board, etc. despite of maxing out force.
2. Not able to complete the cut per letter or design. There’s a gap in between.
3. Having a problem when cutting diagonal design. Like the cutter pattern is jumping somewhere.
4. The vinyl is losing the alignment with the roller as cutting proceeds.
5. Spooling takes longer and sometimes it totally crash the application.
6. Always getting “not responding” when cutting.

If you are experiencing these problems in your Cuyi Cutter, don’t you worry now because not only you but most of Cuyi users and from our experiences we discovered solution on every problem. So let’s go.

1. Blade problem – Meaning you haven’t placed the blade holder (not the blade) properly to the arm of the cutter. Yes, not only blade but you need also to adjust or calibrate the holder. There is no universal rule here. Every cutter needs to adjust. It will be trial and error. The trick here is to first calibrate the blade. If you can fix the problem with blade alone, well that’s ok. If not, you need to adjust the blade holder. In blade holder adjustment, it is not always pushing below solve the problem of adding sharpness or force to your cutter. You need also to adjust it lifting up so the cutter’s arm has enough allowance to execute much force. As it shown below: The best position is when you can have a decent cutting in mid force settings so you can adjust from the middle to high or middle to low base on the materials you are cutting.

cuyi cutter plotter blade holder adjustment

2. The cut gap problem – I Googled it a lot before and it was not easy to find a solution. Most people are saying that this is a common problem on Cuyi and you are not able to fix it. This is the reason why they are picking Cameo over cuyi. Of course that is really frustrating to hear but I never gave up. I tried to analyze the problem and understand so I can also make an adjustment this time not on blade but through software. I’m using SignMaster and from there in Vinyl Spooler tab, there is a Blade Offset and Overcut, set it to number that will work to complete your cut. Again trial and error. In my case 2.00 will do the job. Overcut settings means the cutter will always exceed on cutting. So expect that it will slow down the process if you exaggerate the settings. You will also notice the minor problem in your blade accuracy if you haven’t calibrate it properly especially when your blade is not sharp anymore.

3. Cutting diagonal design issue – I experienced this problem and believe me, what you can find online will only disappoint you. Or if you already visited website and they told you that it is a big problem for cutter.Or you have a problem with your board and need to replace it. Well don’t believe them or at least just pause and don’t immediately give up because my solution will probably work with you. Unlike with cut gap problem, this is different and this is nothing to do with your blade or software. The problem is cause by losing connection between your computer and cutter. Instead of stopping the cut because of the lose signal, it continues with such error in the process. It is common because most of us are using USB cable extension. It is given that the included USB cord is not that long while most of us don’t have much space to put their cutter plotter near their computer because that space is commonly for printers. The common solution here is by using USB extension without knowing that it will cause much issue. In my case, though it is convenient to me, I really place the cutter close to my computer. If that is not a an option to you. Maybe you can try high quality/expensive USB extension or you can use different computer for cutting purposes only. Either way the important is we already know the problem now and we can do a solution that is available for us.

4.  Materials-roller misalignment. This is also a common problem and somehow inevitable. This happens especially if you are going to cut long materials. As the process goes on, you will lose the alignment and the worst of it is when the materials remove contact to the roller. There is a simple solution for this and this is what I’m doing before I found out the solution. First is to give allowance or margin to both side. In my case, half inch on both side is enough. Second, I make sure that the object is equally place in your cutter or in the first place align it properly. Third, monitor the process, just don’t leave your cutter but from time to time check if it still aligned. When if not, wait for the cutter to complete a line or object before you can pause and then manually aligning the materials and roller. Though this is crucial so you need to understand the object you are cutting and see if moving the materials will not cause problem in your design.

Now like what most people say, prevention is better than cure. So here’s how we can prevent the alignment problem. Place an object that will stop the materials from losing the alignment. In my case, I used ID card to secure my materials from losing the track. With this solution I can ensure accurate cutting while leaving my machine into overnight process.

Cuyi Cutter Plotter Vinyl-roller misalignment

5. Longer spooling issue. This sucks especially when your software are starting to crash (not responding) every time you are going to spool the design for cutting. Disappointing because the exciting feeling that you completed the design and everything and when you need to start cutting, you will get not responding status or long time spooling. The reason behind it is you have lots of tasks/project spooling in the software. It is a good feature of SignMaster actually because you have backup of previous works and you can retrieve designs you already worked. This is automatic and sometimes we are not aware that we have tons of spooling content in our software that makes it extensive to load. To solve the problem, you just need to delete least important content. In my case I manually save them and then delete everything in the spooling / backup source. This will lighten up the software and result for fast spooling.

not responding vinyl spooler signmaster

6. Not Responding issue keeps persisting. Now that you have done with spooling issue and still you are experiencing not responding this time when the cutting occurs. There is a different solution to this. Actually this is a different issue and it is easy to fix. Reinstall your SignMaster and then in the installation wherein you are asking to include Corel Draw Plugin and Thumbnail Preview, just leave it blank. Thumbnail Preview causes problem so you don’t need that in your installation.

SignMaster Cutting Not Responding Issue

That’s that common problem I experienced from years of using Cuyi cutter plotter. I will update this post if I encounter a new problem in the future. But hopefully not. Now if you have a issue which is not enlisted above, please share it to me. Maybe I also experienced that before which I missed in this guide or I can ask my Philippine Printing Community for the solution. You know we are sharing ideas and everything not only for cutter plotter but also with printer and other stuffs in our business.


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