Common Bad Experiences in Printing Business in the Philippines

Common Bad Experiences in Printing Business in the Philippines

Digital age convince more Filipino to venture on printing businesses. I’m a member of different groups in Facebook under advertising solution category and I’ve seen more aspirants are coming. Most of them are asking how to start a business in the country and that is why I made a guide discussing such topic including most […]

Is It Safe To Use Non-Genuine Epson Ink

Is It Safe To Use Non-Genuine Epson Ink?

They called it fake, OEM, class A, cheap, universal ink, or whatever you want to call it, but the a million dollar question remain the same, is it safe to use non-genuine Epson ink? Like how we answered a printer question about using Adjustment Program, I’m going to share to you my insight base from […]

is it safe to use adjustment program for printer reset

Is It Safe To Use Adjustment Program To Reset Epson Printer?

In case Epson technician told you that this will damage the board of your printer. And if that is the case you better stay away from that printer technician. I have experience with a local Epson service center in Philippines. At first I was happy because there will be a legitimate technician here in our […]

Epson L805 review

Epson L805 Review: Stay Away From This Printer

I don’t want to be bias and review this printer the way I reviewed L1300, L6190 and L3110, but looking back on my experience of having this printer, I can’t remember anything to praise it. So from the title itself, you better stay away from this printer, and why? Let me discuss through the list […]

free l3110 resetter with keygen

Free Epson L3110 Resetter with Keygen for Adjustment Program

In case you tired of endless surveys and ads before you can download free Epson L3110 resetter, well this is for you. This is no BS and aside from resetter, I also included  key generator for your adjustment program. For your information, resetting L3110 is not old school method on resetting old printer. Here you […]

Epson l1300 review

Epson L1300 Review

This is the best printer in my arsenal, hands down. In case you are here looking for a reason on going for Epson L1300, well let me give you some key points about this printer. In my review, I will divide it into three like my reviews on L6190 and L3110, quality, durability and maintenance […]

EPSON L 3110 review

Epson L3110 Review

This is the cheapest 3-in-1 ink-jet printer from Epson. The successor of L360. A good choice if you want to upgrade from the humble Epson L120. Now I’m going to share to you my year-long experience in using L3110 in my business. At first I didn’t want this latest printer because like my L6190 I […]

epson l series convert to pigment and sublimation

DIY : Convert Epson L Series / Eco-tank Printer To Sublimation or Pigment

Epson L series printer or known to be ink-jet printer can be converted to sublimation or pigment ink based printer which you are able to use for tshirt printing, lanyard sublimation etc. Epson L series such as L120, L360, L805, L1300, L1800, L3110, L6190 and so on is able to use pigment or sublimation ink […]

l6190 review

Epson L6190 Review

I decided to review this printer because you can’t find about it on internet. So I hope my 2 years experience on using Epson L6190 will help you decided if you are going to buy this is or not. So let’s go. Print Quality L6190 uses PrecisionCore printhead which we can also see in other […]

free chip resetter

Free Epson T04D100 Ink Maintenance Box Resetter

This resetter will work to all Epson printers with T04D100 Ink maintenance box such as L6160, L6168, L6170, L6171, L6178, L6190, L6191 WF-7710, WF-7715, ET-2760, ET-3710, ET-3700, XP-5100, ET-15000, ST-M1000, ST-M3000, ET-4760, ET-3760, Et-4760, ST-4000, St-3000, WF-2860 etc. As we can see, the latest printers from Epson are not able to be reset by typical […]