How to Print in 1/2 ID Lace using Digital Method

How to Print on 1/2 ID Lace using Digital Method

In our online shop we want to stretch prices as possible. We want to ensure that once you knock in our door, you are not going to leave us empty handed. I understand that sometimes our affordable lanyard printing services is still not possible for your budget. In that case we still have lower offer […]

Cuyi Cutter Plotter How To Calibrate and Fix Minor Issue

Cuyi Cutter Plotter : How To Calibrate and Fix Common Issues

I reviewed Cuyi and Cameo as most people are asking about these two cutters. And in my verdict, Cuyi is far better than Cameo if you can calibrate and fixing minor issues. Fortunately, I’m here to share to you my solution on these problems so your cutter can perform its full potential. First we need […]

cameo vs cuyi cutter review

Cameo vs Cuyi Review : Which Is Better Cutter Plotter?

A million dollar question. A common question in most printing related forum, Facebook groups and other printing community here in Philippines. Fortunately I have Cameo and Cuyi and I can share to you my experience of these two cutter plotter. Specifically, I’m have Cameo 3 and Cuyi MC630. I went for Cameo 3 and I’m […]