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Tips For Fast ID Proof Verification

Tips For Fast ID Proof Verification

Last month I made a review on how long it takes for to verify government ID and address. It took me one month to know the answer in ironic in a way that they can actually verify it in less than 24 hours. In this post I will also share to you things you must not do or will make your verification takes longer.

ID Proof is important in The matter of fact, you can’t apply for work without a decent rating of ID Proof such as 70 and up. I know that you are also worried submitting such personal information to them despite that they have privacy act. If that is the case, I recommend to put watermark on your ID stating that this is only for ID proof verification and only valid in a given time and purpose.

I know as job hunter you want a fast response. So let my experience dealing with them gives you positivity. To ensure that you will get successfully verified, submit clear selfie with ID. Clear that they can easily read without zooming the image. Their checker has lot of things to do and no time of zooming every picture he needs to verify. To ensure that you will get clear ID in your selfie, don’t forget to turn off your auto focus. Or in case you are using camera with a sensitive auto-focus despite of turning it off, better to use rear camera instead of front (selfie) camera.

Every blurred submission or seems unreliable document you submit, you will get an ID Proof reduction. Better to submit accurate details because we want to get as much proof as possible.

In address verification, it is better to submit billing statement under your name. Meaning you should not use electric bill of your father’s account. Any bill will do the job aside from water and electric bill. You can use internet bill or even credit billing statement.

Now here’s the trick for fast 100 ID proof verification. After you submit the document, send an email on their support ( stating your concern and your account link. I was impressed that their support is replying fast. From the same fact, we can also use it for verification.

After you verified, it is time to apply on listed opportunity. In my next post, I will share to you the tricks on getting employer from


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