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ID Lanyard Printing Shop with Nationwide Shipping

If you are looking for printing shop for your lanyard and ID lace, the best place is to search it online. You will see a large scale of price range because of location economy, cost of living an etc. This is the reason why outsourcing is in demand in the Philippines. We have cheaper rate but competitive skills to offer. We are in this industry for years and today, we thought of putting our printing services online so we can supply people from different part of the country.

We offer affordable price because we have lower cost of living here in Capiz than most cities in the country. For most people saying that’s too low, for us that is enough. Still the system of outsourcing applies here. And it’s the same like most of online shop, our only concern is the shipping fee which is not much compare to the discount you will get since ID lace is a big or heavy product.

We said cheap but it doesn’t necessarily low quality. As you can see we are the top lanyard supplier here in Capiz. We have deals with different schools and universities even nearby provinces such as Iloilo, Aklan, Antique and Cebu. We are the printer behind the lanyard of  Capiz National High School, Capiz State University (Engineering / Architecture Department), Central Philippine University (College of Law / Pharmacy). Aside from schools we are also printing ID lace for government, municipalities, private companies, and events.

Since this is online transaction, I respect your requirement for verifying the legitimacy of our business. We are under of Kaylum Circle Printing Services owned by Earvin Kyle T. Amacan. We have DTI and Business Permit, BIR (official receipt, job order receipt, charge invoice) and a verified supplier of PhilGEPS. Like we said we are providing lanyard for the government and so our business needs to be legal as possible for complying all documents they need for auditing. See this section for scanned copy.

Price of our Lanyard Printing in wholesale

Standard Package
Layout = Free
10 Pesos each = 5000 pieces up
13 Pesos each = 2000 pieces
15 Pesos each = 1000 pieces
18 Pesos each = 500 pieces
20 Pesos each = 200 pieces
25 Pesos each = 50 pieces

*3/4 lace
*ordinary hook

Good for school IDs. Our standard package in the lowest bulk price we can offer. The main difference of this package to our premium is the absence of buckle. Most of the time especially in elementary, using buckle lengthen the lanyard making it not proportion to the wearer. This is a common case we seeing throughout the years. That’s why we created a package which is perfectly for students in the part is of having suitable length and affordable price.

Premium Package
Layout = Free
15 Pesos each = 5000 pieces up
18 Pesos each = 2000 pieces
20 Pesos each = 1000 pieces
23 Pesos each = 500 pieces
25 Pesos each = 200 pieces
30 Pesos each = 50 pieces

*3/4 lace
*non-rust G-hook
*durable buckle

We recommend this for universities, companies, events, and government IDs. Compare to premium package it has durable buckle and non-rust G-hook to preserve the fancy look of the lanyard. It has a 5 pesos price difference from standard package. We emphasized the term durable because we are using a different class of buckle compare to usual materials you can buy in the market. If you notice from other supplier, they are using cheap and brittle buckle that makes it easier to break. That’s why we ensure you that we are using a different materials that will lasts for years.

We have only included 2 packages so it will be easier for our customers to understand our product as well as pricing. But that package doesn’t limit our services to meet up your requirements. Below you can see custom materials with corresponding price in case you want to modify our package above. As for instance, you have enough budget and you think you have room for adjustment. So instead of using ordinary lace, how about using cotton lace. It is more smoother and lighter which will gives you ease on wearing IDs. We understand that not all people has a habit of wearing ID but the fact is, it is mandatory. So in this case we offer a cotton lace material.

Aside from adding a price you can also have discount from customizing the materials we are going to use. As for instance, in premium package instead of using G-hook why not to use ordinary hook so you will have a 1 peso discount. So everything is negotiable here. All you have to do is give us details and we are going to compute it for you.

Custom Materials
You can subtract or add the price based on custom materials.

1 inch lace = 5 pesos
1 inch cotton lace = 10 pesos
3/4 inch cotton lace = 8 pesos
non-rust G-hook = 3 pesos
ordinary hook = 2 pesos
durable buckle = 4 pesos
non-rust button logo = 5 pesos
Plastic Hook = 3 pesos

How our online shop works?

1. The first thing we need to do is to verify you before we can propose a design based on your requirements. This is for us to know who’s we are dealing. You can do one option out of this three below. (Skip to 2nd step if you have already design/layout.)

a. Pay initial payment for layout/design services. We offer free layout and your payment will be carry over to you final billing.
b. Meet up. If it is possible.
c. Scanned ID and selfie holding the ID. (you may include watermark)

We are taking every our client seriously started from the moment we talk and propose a design to you hence we need also to know your commitment to the project.

2. Now we can make our proposal. Send us what you might want to see in your lanyard such as, quantity, themes, content, color, sizes etc. You can also send us files such as logo, official seal etc. Aside from free layout, we are also offering 5 design revisions for free. The proposal is consist of mockup, material details, cost, and work duration.

3. Once agreed with the proposal we will produce an actual sample. We will take a closeup picture of the product and send it to you or we can send to you the sample with your expense. Once you receive the item, at this point you still have a chance to do a one revision for free and do the same process of either sending a picture or the actual product.

4. Again once agreed with the final output of your order, we will ask for 50% downpayment. The work duration will start once the payment made. This is to ensure that we are going to work right at the moment we received the money. We have sufficient on-hand materials good for making 10,000 lanyards. We can start the project immediately and we don’t need to wait for the arrival of our supplies.

5. At these part we are on production and we respect that you want to know how’s your money moving as for project completion. So like we usually do, send pictures of the production and until order is completed.

6. We will send you a picture of project completion. Then you can make a full payment so we can send you the product. We are using AP Cargo and they allowed COD for shipping fees. This will let you to pay the exact amount for shipping.

7. After receiving the product, we will be happy if you are going to review us by sharing your experience dealing with us. You can also suggest on how we can improve our system for future project. And lastly to share us to your friends and everyone who might also looking an online shop here in Philippines for lanyard and ID lace printing.


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