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How to Start a Customized Lanyard Printing Business

How to Start a Customized Lanyard Printing Business

Let’s get to the point, the first thing you need to do before you actually start in this industry is to learn how to design. Do not commit first on buying heat press, materials, your store, your employee etc. The first thing you need to do is to ask yourself if you know how to design a lanyard. This is the most important and easy to confirm since this is from yours. You don’t need to spend money to confirm your skills or even acquiring such skills, there are lots of tutorial you can watch online or website that will guide you just like what we did. Also in this business, design is the foundation and as the head of your company, team or store, you need to know this side. I’ve seen this as a trap. There are owner who just hired layout artist to do the design. Well that’s good but if you just started the business, you really need to know everything in your operation and of course designing. If you are going to rely too much on your layout artist, you find that your business will depend too much one someone without your control. It is like without your artist, your business will be crippled. Of course we don’t want that to happen. We are the head of the business, so we to lead and not to follow. So again you need to know how designing works especially you need to make your layout to be customized based on your clients’ preferences.

The second thing in this business is your supplier. As we started our first project or I really hope there are someone wrote like this guide before so I will be warned that having a reliable supplier is crucial in printing. Your supplier should be reliable in terms giving you supplies especially if you are like us who are away from the city. So our first choice make a transaction online. Upon going in this kind of trade, you need to understand that risk as well as enjoying a lower price compare in your local supplier. I will tell you, it took us months to get a good and cheaper supplier.

We understand how this part is so important in our business that is why we decided to be a supplier of printing materials here in Capiz to help other aspirant like what we are doing now to yours. I will tell you, getting a good source is difficult than getting a client. Here you need to consider after sales support. In our trade it is common that you will encounter problem to your cutter plotter or heat press, so make sure that the company where you bought the machine will help you troubleshoot the problem either remotely or sending it back to them. Imagine you need to spend money to send it to them back. The worst thing here, is when you get scam. As you can see all transaction is in pay first basis unless you are going to order from Lazada or Shopee with limited courier capacity. I will tell you, in this business I already experienced to be scammed and I really felt bad on that. Yes I learned my lesson through my mistake. Wisest are those who learn from others. And that is why I’m sharing this guide to you.

In this article, my intention is not only about starting so don’t take it literally. Starting a business is easy especially when you can ask your parents for capital. My goal here is not only to start but to keep your customized lanyard printing business kicking. Going back from that time you have already a knowledge and supplier, this is the time that you need to make a team and implement a system to them. There is no single person in business. Accept it or not you really need other key players. I understand that it still easy if you are going to do it alone. Imagine you don’t need to train people. You are going to limit errors. You don’t need to encounter personal problem with your employee. But the fact here you really need them so you can have much time for more important things as the head of your league. I know that will be difficult in the beginning, but you can check how we produce 1000 pieces of lanyard a day and you will learn how I manage my team and make them an asset on every area of lanyard printing. Of course we need to aim high and we can only make it happen if we are going to make a room for ourselves towards daily progress.


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