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How to Consider a High Quality Lanyard : A Right Supplier’s Standard

How to Consider a High Quality Lanyard

Some called it guidelines but for us this is a standard control. All productions that are going to fail in this quality control will be thrown out together with my employee who made a mistake. Just joking or should I say he will face almost the same consequence. This is our protocol in printing business, a practice that everyone will follow including me. Like what I’m always saying in my team, we are going this for the rest of our lives, we need to do the best shot. I also applied what my music teacher here in Capiz always saying, “Whether you like it or not, you are going to do it, so do it with your best. I understand that there are times that you are tired enough and you want things to pass by. We Filipino has an attitude for that, “Pwede na ‘yan”. But not for my online shop. Because if we practice low standard we will end up like that. It is tedious to do it from the start but that is where you will find the pleasure. Failure will teach you lesson and you can only absorb it if there is a stake from you. The more it cost from you, the more lesson you will learn. Of course you will never forget the day you rejected 800 pcs. of lanyard because of poor production (based from personal experience haha.) That moment taught me a very big lesson that still know it keeps flowing in my head. That’s is why I’m very careful in manufacturing ID lace. From day 1 of buying materials from direct suppliers, working the design through Photoshop, and especially the production section. Of course never again that 800 pieces.

They said it is OK you’ve learn from your mistake. Well I tell them, how about learning from others’ mistake. And that is why I’m sharing my experience in printing custom lanyard so other will learn from it and it doesn’t need for them to waste money and time to put themselves in the same situation. That’s your compensation from visiting my website. The worst case here is if you don’t know exactly that you are doing it wrong.

At this point, I will share you a standard of how we can consider a high quality products. You can check my guidelines and see if you are doing the same or not. Also if you are a buyer looking for a buying tips, this list will help you too:

1. Color accuracy – This is the most important in lace sublimation yet difficult to do that most printers fail to comply. If you are already operating in this business you will see that printing Gray, Green, Royal Blue etc gives a different output. It is difficult to address because it varies from equipment and ink you are using. If you are a customer and you used to make an order before in case you have encounter poor color accuracy, you better look for a new supplier.

For us to handle this situation, aside from sending mock up or layout, we are also giving them an actual output so they can see what the exact item they will get from their order. Yes this will take the transaction longer since we need to ship the item, wait for days before they receive it, and then consider a revision based on clients’ preferences. Yes that is tiresome especially if you are too excited to start the production. But I can say that it still easy compare on manufacturing bulk lanyard and then the customers get disappointed. From this case you have two options, the first one is to repeat the process and the second one is to push it to your clients. Of course they will accept it but I will tell,  you will not see his face on your shop anymore. Either way you are lose. So from the start do my advice, provide an actual product and let them see, touch and comment about it.

So a good lanyard is accurate in colors. What they proposed is what you should get.

2. Durable – In all cases, a high quality comes with durability. But unfortunately most raw materials you can buy in the market have poor durability. They are opting for lower price without minding the quality. I have experience on making lanyard for a company in Manila. Of course use the best materials available in our stock. The time they received the sample they are worried towards the durability of the buckle used. Of course they tested it and it was too brittle and easy to disjoint. They complain about it and I said that I’m going to contact my supplier. According to them that is a standard quality. All shops in Odeon Philippines are selling that kind of buckle or side release. I have even tried different supplier selling in higher price and got the same quality. So I personally hunt it from different stores and luckily I found one that is offering a different type of buckle. It was not too brittle and you can test it by capability of holding heavier weights. Of course that was triple the price of ordinary buckle but still a good decision to make especially if you really want to produce top tier lanyard. We used that as our edge when most companies are using a typical side release for the sake of cheaper price, we at Kaylum Circle Printing Services priority the quality. I remember we are serving clients from Iloilo and he commented that he already checked all printing shops there and not able to find sturdy buckle. Until then reached Capiz and received our first proposal. That was the beginning of our long term partnership. So in the end, expensive materials doesn’t matter because you will reap what you sow.

3. Design Stability – I’m not talking about how the design looks because that relies on your artist. Actually in my experiencing doing a layout for ID lanyard, it is not always how intricate the design is but how you obtain your purpose. There are several rules or should I say my guidelines in creating an artwork for lace. Maybe I should make a post for that too. But for now for design stability, I’m speaking with the design from your actual output. In our standard, we reject those with with white lines or those lace got misaligned from sublimation process. As well as those got a line from printer’s roller. I also consider failure those design not in the middle or proportion based on mockup or proposal. You can also say a poor output if you see smudged (ghost) portion in lanyard. Uneven color or ink density in some area of printed lace is also a sign of low quality. And lastly if you have sets of output having a different ink density. Such as the first 100 pieces has a vivid effect while the others got poor ink density. That’s a common problem for printer as well as for ID lanyard printing. Unfortunately they are not taking it seriously. Instead of addressing the problem, here comes the “Ok na ‘yan” mentality. The worst of it, when it became a common culture for most Pinoy.

Yes we need to be aware of that attitude. Not only in this industry but in everything you do. We actually got branded with this term by other nationality. There was a time when I’m applying online job as Filipino Virtual Assistant, they are much concern about our quality of work. Today let’s bring back their trust. By any task that is given to us, it is our opportunity to raise the roof.

Also don’t get me wrong about speeding up the process like what I mentioned in my earlier post. Quality is still that matters. And believe me, once you know how to print with quality, you can make a thousand pieces for a wholesale without any problem.


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