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How Long For To Verify Government ID and Address?

How Long For To Verify Government ID and Address?

I signed up on as Virtual Assistant hoping that I will get hired. This website is known for hiring Filipino worker who can offer services online. Signing up is not a problem. I got account in a minute. I also passed logic and English exam easily. But the problem is until know, I can’t apply to employers because I have only 45 out of 100 ID proof. Most employers are requiring 70+ ID proof. Here you need to submit government ID as well as selfie while holding the ID, and a scanned document of your billing as proof of address. Well that is easy to provide for me. I was there in their website and I’m serious in getting a job. I prepared everything before knocking the door so I can ensure that everything will run smoothly. But I was wrong.

It’s been a week now as I write this post and still there is no answer from them. I submitted my IDs to them without any reply. I have concern on my privacy especially on ID. Yes they have privacy policy but who knows. Can we trust them? In the first place they said that the process only takes 3 days but where it is now?

That is also a reason why I started my own website. Instead of relying on them, waiting on things that I don’t know if this will come or not, I develop this website and serve as my portal for my services. I don’t know, maybe that was a sign that I shouldn’t engage with them but to create my own website. I have read that it is not easy to find trusted client too. Actually even the answer to my question is also difficult to find. I know it will be better if I’m going to work for myself than to sign up to freelance based website. I have even account on Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer and I don’t think that is going to work. Anyway I’m opting for long term project, so this website will be a good decision.

So that’s it. I will update this post when I got the actual reply about my verification. Make sure to bookmark this post so you can return from time to time to check my updates.


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