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Hire Me As Transcriptionist For Your Youtube Subtitles / Closed Caption

Hire Me As Transcriptionist For Your Youtube Subtitles Closed Caption

I understand that you are busy as a Youtuber so writing a caption or subtitles for your video is tedious. That’s why I’m offering my services to you as your Transcriptionist. I’m a Filipino and it is our nature to be bilingual. I can do project in both English and Filipino based video. I can also type 70-100 words per minute. This is to ensure that I can complete task in no time.

Also I want to use this opportunity to promote my services as Virtual Assistant. Aside from typing job, I can do several tasks that you might consider. I can do social media marketing, search engine marketing, blogging like this one, and graphic design. So how about hiring me and be your personal asset to your industry. If you are interested, click here to know more about me.

In case you only need services for small project, you can still count me. I also accept per-project basis or even third party employee. I’m also willing to undergo training in case you want to endorse me to a task I never done before. I believe as motivated as I am, I can push my limit to fit on your requirement.

While you are reading this appeal, I have a personal project in transcribing Youtube Video. I’m a fan of the biggest rap battle league here in Philippines, FlipTop. I believe that it would be a good resource if I can make a written database for their content. It is not about pirating their video but transcribing MCs’ lines. I appreciated their art and for me to preserve it for an easy access is to convert the video into text. This will help everyone to easily find the lines they are looking. I know this project has lot of potential in the future. This will be big and I will do it for free. What I’m looking forward is how this project will challenge me as a transcriber. Yes, nothing in this world is free because this project will pay me advanced knowledge. Actually I have already conducting free graphic design and layout services. This is to ensure that my skill set will get sharpen everyday while I’m still waiting for a real deal project. And it’s you.

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