What the Drummers are Actually Saying when they are Playing

What the Drummers are Actually Saying when they are Playing

Having a good drumming face is a common problem for them. Long before I noticed it and I didn’t realize that I’m not the only one who is concern. I have watched in Youtube this is common for most musicians. The guitarist when they are doing the solo part. But for a drummer they wear this face for the entire song. That is the moment I realized why most girls love the vocalist. Anyway, in music this is not an issue at all. I just want to think how to fix this part of getting my face good while playing drums.

Yes I can wear mask. While some drummers wear smile. You can check Meytal Cohen and see her smile throughout the song. Well good and sexy for girls but that wouldn’t be fit for me seeing my exaggerated smile while crashing my cymbals.

I also tried to sing the song while playing and it shows like I’m a dancer murmuring the lyrics of the song.

I checked most drummer videos and I found out something common from them which I also think you do. Have you notice them saying or like chanting or counting. Yes it is basic to say that they are counting because they are really is. But for top tier drummer, they have internal clock and they don’t actually need to count with lips.

Now I’m interested on what they are actually saying. It is obvious that it is not the lyrics of the song. Well if you know the answer please use the comment section below. I tried to Google it and got nothing. I also tried to ask drummer teachers in Youtube and see if they are going to notice me and give their thoughts about it.

Also if you are a amateur drummer, can you share how you handle this stuff. I use the term amateur or intermediate drummer because it is clearly that I can’t compare myself to Mike Portnoy, Steve Gadd, or Dave Grohl on whatever faces they wear in playing drums – they are all rock solid.


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