List of Most Viewed Filipino Battle Rapper

List of Most Viewed Battle Rapper In The Philippines

The list is based from FlipTop Rap Battle League. I sum up all battles of each MC to get these numbers. Last updated on April 20, 2020. I know that most people think that Loonie is the most viewed battle rapper not only in the Philippines but in the world. But upon reading this list we will realize that he is not anymore. Since Fliptop is the most viewed rap battle league in the world we can also say that this list is consist of the most viewed rap battler. Can we imagine how Filipino support this art form? Beating the number of even top leagues internationally.

So here’s my list and I going to update it from time to time. If there is someone I missed in this list please use the comment form below. Also don’t get confused on term most viewed to best MC. Let’s fire up.

Flict G

12. Flict – G (56,780,000 views)

Known by her Flict – G Bars or it is a kind of lines that consist of nonsense or shallow words but when he put it together it makes sense, either funny or technical. He is the guy that made “Bahay Kubo” song into both technical and with sense of humor. If there is somehow a list of most versatile rapper, I will rank him in top. He has shown a lot of styles in rap battle. He can do speed rap, technical or usually they called it bars, and a joker too. He also do music and now he is active with his Youtube Account in accepting challenge and sharing some tips and tuts in Rapping.

Sak Maestro

11. Sak Maestro (58,898,000 views)

I personally like Sak Maestro as a rapper with his flows, accent, content, but not as battle rapper or should I say not anymore. We amazed on his debut battle. I can’t deny that it was a flawless performance from the guy. But after that first match, everyone got disappointed. Of course that expectation from the debut battle and how he performed in day 1, that was what we want to see from him. He wouldn’t have such views without those people believing in his talent but unfortunately everything goes flat. So what really happened to Sak Maestro? Some said that he got involved with drugs. While other said that he got his career taken for granted. Well since you are already here, let me share to you my words regarding with the issue of Sak Maestro. I’m a fan of Fliptop since 2010 and based from how I understand do rappers and league work, I got this analysis. Of course there is no official claim about it but it’s purely my speculation so it’s up to you if you are going to believe or not.

So the question here is why Sak Maestro is so good on debut and then on his next battles his performance got dropped? Well “I think” he has a ghost writer. It’s easy to hire or to ask someone to write lines for you but the difficult is if he can still write to you for your next battle. In most cases for an artist that they will get better as time goes by as they learn from experience. But not in the case of Sak Maestro. Of course addiction is a good alibi as we also see from other artist but that will happen after they got famous for several years.

Ghost writing is a major problem in this art form. Loonie also believe that, this is why he really discourage ghost writing in whatever case. In the end, they will only face the consequence of expectation. While most fans are still not giving up and hoping his writing skills will return, “Bumalik kana Sak Maestro” it should be Double D needs to return writing I guess.

Anyway writing or content is only a part of rap battle. You should have a good rapping skills too to deliver those lines. And when it comes to that part, Sak Maestro has a different level of rapping skills and that is why ghost writing works. He has a good rhyming flow, diction, and accuracy. I told you I listen to most of his song. Actually while I’m writing this list, his newly released moshpit is in my playlist. In the end, he still got millions views and secured a spot in this list.


10. Apekz (70,513,000 views)  

The most active artist in Hip Hop industry. After being a finalist in Isabuhay Tournament, Apekz released new singles. He is also participating in several rapping challenge online. Like Flict-G he has great skills in writing in both technical and comedic lines. One of the best performer in FlipTop with this delivery. Aside from FlipTop he also had participated in other leagues such as 052 Magnitude, Japan based rap battle, Bahay Katay, Sunugan and other small time rap battle league in the Philippines where he proclaimed champion in their event. There is no stopping for this artist. I know that he really wants to earn a trophy from FlipTop.


9. Batas (75,436,000 views)

Two-time champion of Isabuhay Tournament. And recently, he won against Tipsy D in his top performance throughout his Fliptop career. He has a very good angle there and everything fell in proper places using his classic rap flow. I admit that I don’t like this guy from the day I watched his battle against Fuego and Dello when everything he said is about their mother. But after he changed his pen game, I think it was his battle against J-Skeelz (which I think he should won), that was the time I decided to listen to this rapper. I can still remember his line about, “libreng mangarap, magastos mabigo” that was very accurate.


8. Smugglaz (124,400,000 views)

Speed Rap and Delivery.


7. Abra (141,600,000 views)


6. Shehyee (142,129,000 views)


5. Shernan (144,900,000 views)


4. Zaito  (163,200,000 views)


3. Tipsy D (169,488,048 views)


2. Loonie (178,800,000 views)


1. Sinio (267,600,000 views)


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