Types of Lanyard Available in the Philippines

Types of Lanyard Available in the Philippines

When you are about to order lanyard online and the customer service ask you what types of lanyard you wish to buy, that will leave you without idea of what you really needs. As a supplier of ID lace, we also encounter this scenario. It is kind of basic but once you got it wrong, the entire transaction will lead to disappointment. We don’t want that to happen in the first place. We are rooting for the highest quality towards our customer and we don’t want to spoil it by means misunderstanding. So once and for all, this will serves as menu to a common types of products we are using in the Philippines.

Types of lanyard vary from materials. There’s a  cotton lace that gives soft feel. There’s a 1 inch in size and they call it in that name too. And so on. The important things here as a buyer is to be accurate on your order when it comes to material you are using. If you are a broken, you need to let your client know the available services they offer. And for printer like us, always submit an actual sample produce based from their order to make everything clear and final.

Our first step here is to give to give them a menu. In our part this is what we are going to use as menu every time clients inquire. This will bring ease to us repeating the same protocol over and over.

1 inch – The name is based from the size of lace you are going to use. This is our best selling lanyard here in Capiz. With larger canvas, you can insert bigger details which most people love to see. The main purpose of lanyard is to bring identity to the wearer. Larger materials comes with larger details such as name of your school, events, company etc. While most people want to see it that way because they want to promote that name.

3/4 inch – While most of our clients want to make it bigger, still we have clients requires minimal design hence they need smaller canvas. That is when 3/4 inch lace will come in handy. Also it comes cheaper than 1 inch because we are going to use the 3/4 version of hook, side release, and sublimation lace. Our clients from highschool and elementary commonly use this kind of lanyard.

1/2 inch – This is the cheapest variety from the three. While not is common for sublimation, you can still do print using digital or screen method. We have a tutorial on how can you print on 1/2 inch lace in this post. This is our last resort for customers who can’t afford our pricelist. Because we don’t want to make them leave empty handed, they can still go for this one in a very low price. Depending on the purpose, sometimes 1/2 inch still do awesome job.

Cotton – While most lanyard comes in nylon and polyester for the benefits of sublimation. There are still cotton or poly cotton to inherit the soft feel texture of your lace. This gives premium quality compare to other types. Most people don’t like the idea of wearing lanyard because they get easily irritated. The answer is to use this kind of materials that comes in light weight. You can also appreciate the print quality from cotton. It gives more vivid output compare to polyester and nylon materials. The only cons in using this material are the amount cost and it is easy to get dirty compare to classic one. But of course you can wash it in couple of weeks wearing. As well as thinking how long you are going to wear lanyard you will never find it really expensive.

Embroidered – I consider it old school and rare in this digital days but there are still companies and universities want their lace to be embroidered. Again this is expensive even with cotton. And it caters limited design compare to digital sublimation.

Customized – In our printing services, we provide customized or personalized approach. Our customer has the authority on how we design their order to keep with personalized touch based on their purpose. For instance they need lanyard for their factory worker, for that request, we are putting side release in nape part of the lace so it will be easier for them to take it off in emergency. There are also customers want to have a rubber logo / seal on their lanyard, so that will be possible. Again in deciding the kinds of lanyard you are going to use, always consider your purpose.


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