Why League of Legends : Wild Rift Can’t Replace Mobile Legends

wild rift mobile legends

While seeing League of Legends on mobile means defeat for me, still I don’t believe that Wild Rift can dethrone Mobile Legends. I know there was  a hype when Riot announced their new games but where it is now? Actually years ago, Tencent was buying the right for their titles to be on mobile but they refused. And now they decided to dive in because of the major success of Mobile Legends or the top MOBA in mobile. But actually there are reasons why they can outclass a long time winning game.

The best reason I see why it can’t is because of the difficulty. Let’s look on the other MOBA titles such Vainglory. As far as I remember, long before there was already Vainglory but why it didn’t hooked up the audience? Because it is difficult to play. It is like a typical MOBA in PC made to work on mobile. That is not how Mobile Legends works. They simplify it and very easy to play even for those who don’t actually understand how MOBA works. You can buy items even outside the base. You will get money even without last hit. And you can end the game in less than 8 minutes. Nowadays players don’t want to experience difficulties. They want to make everything easy. And here we go, Mobile Legends simplify everything.

Going back to the history of MOBA, it was the same strategy on how League of Legends dethroned Defense of the Ancient. DoTA is complicated in many ways so when LoL released, most players enjoyed the ease of playing MOBA. The same gaming experience Mobile Legends and how you are able to play in even simpler way, it took the scene from LoL.

And now here’s the Wild Rift. It is a different representation of LoL into mobile platform. Though the game doesn’t have exact release date but according to official release it will have features that doesn’t present from ML. According to Riot, they included features that will lift up the competition in mobile gaming. These features include wards, bush, last hit and etc. For me that feature is not good for mobile gaming. It will only make the game complicated for mobile or average users. Yes competitive is there but we don’t want that here in mobile. We are here to enjoy and not to take things seriously.

So that’s it and until now there is no update regarding with the exact release date of Wild Rift. Maybe they are considering things. Or maybe because we are facing crisis, this wouldn’t be the best timing to release such title. Eitherway, I really doubt that it can replace Mobile Legends anytime soon.


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