Warbound Storm Reviews : Is It Worth Playing?

Warbound Storm Reviews : Is It Worth Playing?

This is a real real-time-strategy game where you will get matched on other players around the world live. I know that you understand my point of most games that they called RTS is not really real-time. Yes the base is from how players designed it but when the battle starts, you will play against AI controlled unit. Well that is not what happening here in Warbound Storm because it is like you are playing MOBA here under RTS genre. Everything is online and live. Everything is strategy and competitive. Now you want to know if this is worth playing? Well I will give you key points and you decide if this game will be worthy of your time or not plus I will answer the one million question of; is this game is pay to win.

Currently Warbound Storm is under closed beta so there is no official release yet on Google Play store as well as the release date for this game. But if you know how to crack using APK, you can bypass the game right now. Playing it in early access version, I can’t guarantee you that the entire content will be like this but the important element of the game is still approachable from the time I tested the application

So in this game you will start it with matching that works like playing MOBA. Here you will get matched base on your rank. Every win will gives you points to leaderboard while losing will drop your current rank. Again this is live and the match has a limit of 15 minutes per game. Well that is not long enough for strategy game. Considering that this is for mobile platform and most of audience from there doesn’t like the idea of playing technically. This is the reason why I said that League of Legends Wild Rift can’t replace Mobile Legends because of the technicality of the game. We are not on PC game, so in-game difficulties are not welcome in this platform. We want to see simple and easy concept which is unfortunately Wild Rift is not simple at it seems. They must learn the lesson on how LoL took the spotflight from DotA which the rules also applied here in Warbound Storm.

In Warbound Storm, it is easy and simple. Even the units you can deploy in game has a maximum quantity. Plus the class of units are also few which promise that this game wouldn’t be that hard to understand and play. So if you are expecting an experience like you are playing Warcraft, well that game is not totally for you. Although the background music will gives you nostalgia from Warcraft. So again if you want to experience strategy game like Red Alert, Warcraft or Starcraft in simple version, Warbound Storm is good to check.

Also I noticed that the game is grindy. Well that’s good, meaning that this couldn’t be a pay to win application. Most content of the game are accessible by grinding aside from using cash. Unlike in MOBA wherein cash spins on costumes and skins, here cash will gives you early access from content in higher tier. But as long as you have much time to grind, that wouldn’t be a problem though.

The game is promising from early access. Also to think that it from NetEase, a well known publisher of games such as Rules of Survival, this game is not a replicate mobile version. You can also expect that they will do a good promotion for the health of their playerbase.

Personally I will play this game. I really like strategy game and I long for such genre to be released on mobile version. I will also share Warbound Storm guides here from beginning to advanced once the game released. I’m expecting that there will be lot of changes might happen thus to early to write tips and tricks. I’ve seen imbalanced unit in game and I believe they are going to balance it in the official release.

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