List of Hot Mobile Legends Girl Gamers from the Philippines

List of Hot Mobile Legends Girl Gamers from the Philippines

Here I’m going to share to you a list of active sexy Mobile Legends streamer from the Philippines. If there is one thing I can be proud of as a Filipino, we have beautiful girl gamers that we can watch on Facebook, Youtube and Twitch. We have a huge list there and most of them are already popular. So what I going to include here are those low key to some but totally hot and deserve a shot. The purpose of this list is to give you new inspiration that you never seen before. Meaning, you will not see pinay gamers such as Ann Mateo, Alodia, Lhea, etc. The internet has been never run out of them. Check out theses hot babes from mobile gaming community.

Also, this list will be updated from time to time. I will also include only those active or still playing everyday. I want also to clarify that there is no ranking or numerical order for now but I will include a poll and see who’s the top in the list later on. So let’s go!

1. Cherizawa – Her real name is Cher Tolentino Barnacha. As of now she has 500k+ followers on Facebook and a group with 42k members. She do streaming every 6PM daily.


2. CHYSE Wonderland – Her real name is Marjerie Torres. She has 314k followers since she created the page on October 2019. Aside from Mobile Legends streaming, she also conducts contest for her followers.

chyse wonderland

3. Lowkey – Her real name is Faye Juquiana. She started live streaming on January 2019 and got 600k followers on Facebook. Aside from playing Mobile Legends, she also do content for Tiktok. She is under with Lowkey Gaming gaming studio.


4. LORELYNF – Her real name is Lorelyn Aledo. Aside from playing Mobile Legends she has also a fanbase from playing PC games. One of the most successful professional video game streamers today. She has a contract with MSI for sponsorship.


5. Kimberlee Si Arcillas – She has 700k followers in Facebook by playing Mobile Legends. She has Youtube channel and Instagram. You can also join her group in FB, Kimbeliever with 7K members.

Kimberlee Si Arcillas

6. Jhanelle Frances Trias – She is the team captain and midlaner of Ardent Esports. Currently she is followed by 183k users in Facebook. There is also a group with 41k members dedicated for her career. Aside from streaming she is also working as ambassadress of Wargods PH.

Jhanelle Frances Trias

7. DionaThor Gaming – She is not as popular as other streamers here but our list wouldn’t be completed without DionaThor Gaming. As of now she has 8k follower since she established her gaming career on Facebook last January 2020. I’m expecting that she will be one to looked forward in the future. So before million views, it is my pride to include her in my list.

DionaThor Gaming

8. Mycah sasaki – Aside from playing Mobile Legends, Mycah is also active in TikTok. She has a good skill in dancing that you will probably love. You should also check her page and don’t forget to be one of her 500k followers on Facebook.

Mycah sasaki

9. Warger Gaming – If you want to get inspired in playing Mobile Legends as well as winning skin for your heroes, better check Warger Gaming. She has lots of event that everyone can join. You will never get bored watching this girl streaming for hours.

Warger Gaming

10. Sammy – Her real name is Sam Riazo. She has 360K followers on Facebook. If you want to watch a girl gamer streaming live every morning, you should check Sammy.


11. Dambie – With 370k followers on Facebook, I’m pretty sure you should check Dambie Tensuan.


12. ImoutoSakura – Yes she’s pinay and her real name is Jane Rabena. She also do cosplaying which is perfect for her Japanese look. Don’t forget to join her 180k follower on Facebook so you will get updated on every update she make.


13. Kristine Santamena – She has 1 million followers on Facebook. Known not only from playing Mobile Legends but she also do cosplaying and modeling,

Kristine Santamena

14. Punyeta Gaming – The most followed girl gamer in this list with 1.3m followers on Facebook. But that is not the reason why I put her in the last spot of my list, it is purely coincidence.

Punyeta Gaming

That’s my list for now. I will update it from time to time as I know that there are lots of streamer I missed. I will also include more details more technical details on these pretty babes regarding with their gaming skills. Again don’t forget to follow them all and participate in their event. You will find most of them generous and will let you to play along.

If you want to suggest your idol in this list, you can use the comment form below.


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