Aura Kingdom 2 Review : Is It Worth To Play?

Aura Kingdom 2 Worth to Play

While still waiting for the release of Legends of Runeterra and Wild Rift which about to happen at the end the month, thanks to X-Legend for making Aura Kingdom 2 globally. This is an anticipated game from the major success of Aura Kingdom franchise. But since this is also a mobile game unlike the first one, do you think it is worth to play? The sad part for gamer nowadays is that most developers and publishers are investing in this platform. Most mobile games are replicate version which has been modified with new characters. Do you think that will work the same with Aura Kingdom 2? Well let me review the game and see if you can dive in.


I love to see some of major keys from the original Aura Kingdom such as Eidolons. But then, game is full of automation. From quest, battle, upgrades etc. you can do most of it by clicking the auto routing. I think that spoil the real action in playing Aura Kingdom. That game is known for being an active game with real time interaction of players to their characters. When you heard Aura Kingdom I understand the excitement of dungeon raid, party, combo etc. So if you are also expecting that this new game will be the same in terms of interaction, you will only get disappointed. The worst part of this game is being reliant on auto. It has also few skills to use per class. Yes of course this is a mobile game despite that there is a client version on PC.

I already there being an auto-game but it doesn’t mean that you will get bored. There are lots of things you can do in game. Lots of features to complete that will give you stat advantage in game. There is also no stamina gauge that will limit you from playing. You can auto-battle all you want while hunting monsters. This is a plus factor to me and I know to most players too. They can do what they want in game without limiting the potential of the players to remain competitive.

Important content are still accessible in game such as tournament, guild war, party system and dungeon raid. From there we can say that this will be a competitive game for mobile .

Is it pay to win?

When we say open world MMORPG in mobile, that’s the next question to answer. But first we need to answer what is the meaning of pay-to-win to you? Is that you can spend money and win the game? So what do you mean of winning the game? This is not a versus game. Though it is competitive, we can’t say who is the winner and who is the loser. Now that you understand how we can classify a game a pay-to-win, we can discuss now that factor to Aura Kingdom 2.

Aura Kingdom 2 is free to play and developers/publishers need money to make the game stable. It is given that players who are willing to spend money will get the advantage at the beginning. If you are talking about this game to be a one-day game, wherein those who spent money won the day? you will say that this is pay-to-win. But that is not. Yes they will get the advantage by unlocking all Eidolons easily or by a single day but the game is not all about that. In most MMORPG I played, winning is about having the in top of competition from the first day you play until the serve get close. Now if you are non-spender, do you think you can play the game competitively? YES! because even without cash involve, we can still unlock all available Eidolons in game. We only have to play the game seriously. We need to use all our opportunity as a non-spender to get edge. In my next post I will share to you my guide on how I remain in a competitive track even as free-to-play guy.

Also a good basis to know if this is a pay-to-win or not, if you can get higher tier currency as non-spender and if you can get a lot of it if you are dedicated to the game. In case of Aura Kingdom 2, there are lots of ways to earn diamond or premium currency. Not that easy but it’s possible and you can earn a lot of it that is enough to unlock and upgrade Eidolons.

Actually even cash spender can’t abuse the game by their money. There are limits on how much they can spend in a day. There is also no VIP system which is totally sucks by giving maximum advantage those who spend cash in game. The system is simple, the one who spent a lot of money will get higher advantage against someone who just spent a little. Luckily there is no VIP system here in Aura Kingdom 2.

I want also to add that I played Aura Kingdom 1 and it has a good reputation of not being pay-to-win. Most things you can buy with your money in that PC game are costumes/avatar. There is no direct advantage on spending cash. I really hope they used the same way on mobile version but not. Anyway this is not totally another money hog mobile game.

It’s really worth to play!


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