Aura Kingdom 2 Guides : How To Unlock All Eidolons

Aura Kingdom 2 Guides How To Unlock All Eidolons

I’m free-to-play guy and I want to share to you how I unlocked all Eidolons in Aura Kingdom 2. I reviewed this game and I stated that this is not a free-to-win mobile game. To prove that I will teach you your first step to play this game competitively without spending cash, actually this is the best thing to do on the first day you play Aura Kingdom 2.

Of course this is not as easy as you will ask for credit card of your parents and buy diamonds. Here you need to exert effort. Don’t worry because that is where the fun will begin. To motivate you let’s us first discuss how these Eidolons will help you become viable in game without spending cash.

In game you can equip 5 Eidolons in your squad. These are non-controllable fighters that will aid. The leader of your squad can let you use their special skills. So it’s given that you are going to use your best Eidolons as leader. While you can equip 5 Eidolons in your squad, all of them bring stats once you unlock it. Meaning, the more Eidolons you have, the powerful you are.

Like your character, Eidolons also level up. This will gives you more potential in game. The max level of your Eidolons is based on your current level. You can also evolve it for better stats. You can directly improve stats of your Eidolons by feeding them gems such as defense gems or attack gems. There is also Affinity or your interaction with your Eidolons. You can improve it by feeding them or by answering questions. I want to write a guide about each Eidolon’s interaction correct answer but that will be a lot of work. But once I finished all important things that players must first consider, I will include a cheat sheet for affinity question too.

In overall, Eidolons are best way to improve your battle power rating. It will takes months of playing before you can reach the end game for this side and it will let you grow and grow day by day. Now that we understand how everything will give you access for better gaming experience. Let’s answer now the question of how we can unlock it all.

There are three ways you can unlock Eidolons. First is through gacha ticket, second is to diamonds, and third is to premium diamonds. Of course they will not consider premium diamonds as non-casher. So our option here is gacha ticket and diamonds. This is my primary reason why I said that this game is not pay-to-win because there are hundreds of possibilities where you can get these diamonds. In my next guide I will share to you every way. With that diamonds, save it until you have enough for 10+1 draw or 1500 diamonds. As I can see, there is a promo for every newly release server that you will get a guaranteed of SSR tier of Eidolons every 10 draw. So with 1500 diamonds, you can get one SSR. Currently there are  6 SSR you can unlock such as Ramaya, Alucard, Kotonoha, Harmonia, Michelle, and Serena. (aside from free, Valk and Mo) Meaning to say that you need only 9000 diamonds to unlock them all. That’s not a big number actually if you know how to get it easily.

That’s for unlocking Eidolons. And for evolving it to reach max tier, that will be another story. For now, that will be difficult for non-spender but I don’t mean that is impossible. Only time can tell. Of course there will be more events in the future. And if you can wait until our time as free-to-play users to bloom. Yes, we are late bloomer. Believe me this s not the first game I play and most of the time, those cash spender, spoiled brat kids will get bored when they unlocked everything. While here we are, we take everything as a challenge. Our lackness will be our advantage and use it as a daily fuel not only to be on the top but to stay there for real challenge.


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