How To Make Tarpaulin Layout In Microsoft Word

How To Make Tarpaulin Layout In Microsoft Word

In case you don’t like the idea of my free Graphic Design and Layout services using Photoshop. Instead you will make your own tarpaulin layout in Microsoft Word, I will guide you to make high quality ready to print tarpaulin layout. In this guide, you can ensure sharp and non-pixelated output. Unlike in Photoshop we can set our canvas base on the tarpaulin size we are going to print. In Microsoft Word we are only allowed to have a maximum size of 22 inches. Also most people are not aware of it. They will just put content in Microsoft Word and then send it to printing shop. This is common in our clients. As I mentioned in some of my post here, I have printing shop and this is a common problem. They will send us not optimized layout for tarpaulin printing and they are expecting good result. Of course even we have a good printer, everything will be decided base on layout. If that was a case we are encourage them to re-layout their design but most of them don’t want the idea of paying for that services, they want only to pay for actual printing. Sometimes if we were not busy, we fixed it for free. Well again, prevention is better than cure so here’s the correct way on how you should do it in Microsoft Word.

1. First open a new document. What ever paper size you wish but you need to follow a correct orientation, either portrait or landscape.

2. Do your layout base on given features of Microsoft Word. Such as border, shapes, text effects, font color etc. I advice that you shouldn’t insert/import least important content. In case that you really insert border from the internet make sure that it has a decent resolution (1000 pixels up). There’s a way to enhance resolution but thinking that you are newbie, that will not be an option. Now for important content such as your subject or birthday celebrant etc, as possible use high resolution image. In case you don’t have, you can send us here and we will work it for free. If that is not also a good option, you can try to be creative by making collage. And last choice, just insert it regardless of resolution.

3. Once everything is done. We need to save it as PDF. This format is vector based. Meaning, it is not relying by means of pixel but by mathematical equation. In simple terms, with PDF format we can adjust the size to whatever size we want without losing quality of the image/content. All content from Microsoft Word such as border, text, graphs, shapes, everything will become vector once you save it as PDF. But the problem here is the content you have imported such as pictures of your subject etc. That’s why I mentioned above that we need to find large resolution (big images) so it will adapt the size of your tarpaulin which is far larger than the size of your word document. There is no point of having big paper size in Word if you will still use smaller image. To remain safe, it is a rule of a thumb to use larger image/high resolution when you are working for tarpaulin. Or if you are willing to venture for advanced knowledge, I suggest to learn about vector as this will solve most case of your large format printing.

4. Send it to tarpaulin printing shop. They already know what they will do to your PDF file format. They can insert it to application or they can embed it to Photoshop in case they wish to do some editing.

That’s it. And if you wish to ask question or need further help, don’t hesitate to send it through comment section below.


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