How to Design ID Lanyard using Photoshop

How to Design ID Lanyard using Photoshop

Last year we have client from Cebu and I remember they want to make a ready-to-print design using Photoshop. But the problem is that they didn’t know the exact procedure, measurements, and canvas details to produce a ready-to-print file. Yes we have customers that even we offer free layout services, still they want to do it in their own to make everything will be exactly as their desired.

Today I’m going to share to you guidelines that works not only for client but also for beginner in printing industry. By this tutorial, we can simply share the link to guide them create their own preferred design. So let’s go!

1. Create a new file on Photoshop with 36 inches in width, 1 inch in height, 300 resolution, and white background.

1 inch lanyard with 36 inches size in width and 1 inch size in height

2. Make guide lines in both vertical and horizontal. These will help you put details proportionally. We want everything to be balanced and make it easier for us to picture out the output of our design. Below are screenshot where we should put our guide lines. You can place additional lines based on the content you wish to include to your design. For the meantime please refer what we prepared below as well as the purpose of each line. The ruler will be our label to identify the specific line I’m pointing out.

guidlines on designing lanyard including details and logo position

*Lines in .5  and 18 inches is the center of both horizontal and vertical.

* Lines in 2.5 and 33.5 inches are the margin between the printable area and the part where you are going to put in the buckle with rematche.

*Lines in 4.5 and 31.5 inches are the usual area where you are going to put your logo. While there are clients they want to include two logos / official seals, but we need to keep in mind that there is a part that will get overlapped by the other side. The “behind logo part” is not that visible unless you will make an adjustment to left side area.

*The Left and Right Side is the most visible area of your lanyard where the name of the school, events, company etc. should be write in.

*The Nape or the neck part commonly use for logo, school year etc. This part is not too visible because of collar. The important thing here is to invert your design/content you are going to put in name.

That is our common orientation on designing a lanyard but most of the time, we based everything on clients’ preference. But the top of it, when you have already a framework it will be easier to work in any design.

3. Making the shorter or tail part of your ID lace. Again we need to create a new file with 6 inches in width, 1 inch in height, 300 resolution, and white background.

 tail part of lanyard with size, logo, and rematch position

Simply put the logo to the center of your canvas while the circle in the screenshot above is the usual position where you are going to put hole for rematche. Again the decision between placing it above or below the logo is in your clients’ decision.

4. The lanyard mockup. Before printing, we usually send mock up to the client so it will be easier for them to imagine the output especially when it comes to the details. Also if you are going to propose for a certain project including a mock up will make it more professionally instead of just screenshot of Photoshop workplace

id lanyard mock up template

5. Once approved or you are already satisfied to the design, now we are going to print using sublimation printer. The settings are based on the size of subli paper you are going to use. But the usual paper we are going to use is 8.26 inches x 39 inches pre-cut sublimation paper or if you are using per-roll paper, just do a cut from that dimension. This is reason why we need to make everything sure because it is always practical to print multiple copies. This is reason why buying bulk lanyard is much cheaper compare to by-piece. Also, there are circumstances that your printer take a hard time printing single line. And of course to conserve your sublimation paper, it is always better to print multiple lace. In case that I only need to print a single piece, I just ride it on to my other project so nothing will be wasted. Here’s the reason why L1300 printer will do the best job for this business because of the capability of printing A3 size (16 inches).

ready to print id lanyard design with 8 x 39 inches size

6. For printer settings, make sure you have set it to matte, high, and mirror image and most importantly the document size which is 8.26 inches x 39 inches in landscape orientation. There are also additional settings for accurate print out especially if you are dealing with gray and green colors. In my next post I will share tips on how to do gray sublimation correctly. There are several things to consider that varies from ink and printer you are using.

id lanyard mock up template

That’s it. At first it seems complicated especially for newbie in this industry. For potential customers or clients looking for printing shop capable for nationwide shipping, all you have to do is to give us details and expectation and all steps you have read above are our concern. We are the one to layout it from scratch and get your approval before printing.

And for people who still got it difficult to understand and follow, in our next post we will share to you pre-made lanyard templates in PSD that you can edit easily. I understand that not all people know how to use Photoshop. Even me I started my business without in-depth knowledge in design. We have also relied on templates that we can download online. But this time it is returning the favor by helping newcomers too.


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