Free Graphic Design and Layout Services

Free Graphic Design and Layout Services

This is not like other website where you can download free template with watermark. What I offer here is my services as Filipino graphic artist. I will do it manually and not with template. In template you need to change content, edit based on given design, and get an output with string-attached watermark.

Here it will be different. I will ask your images and content details, theme or color you want to see in the design and your expected output and I will do everything. You can also sketch the expected output so I will get the idea about the design that may satisfy you.

In this free services I can do:

  1. Tarpaulin layout for birthday, events, etc.
  2. Invitation layout for any occasion
  3. Logo (base on your sketch)
  4. Catalog layout
  5. Photo Editing
  6. Background Removal
  7. Enhancing small resolution image
  8. Other Photoshop related task

Now if you are going to ask me why I’m doing this charity, here’s the story.

When I started my Printing Services business here in Philippines, I have few knowledge in Photoshop and Design as well as few people knew my business. So decided to market my business by doing free services. I believe at that time that this will benefit me by acquiring knowledge based from experience. It was my training phase for me as well as advertising my business for free.

That was a huge success after all. Like doing SEO, when you provide high quality content, people will do promotion to your subject naturally. It happened the same for me seeing people promoting my business to their friends, families and everyone who are looking for graphic design services. That time, not only affordable but actually free. Everyone loves free, isn’t?

Going back today, as you have know I’m looking for online job. This charity work will stand not only promotion but also a sample of my ability in this field. The decision will be at you hands. I need to satisfy you and hope that you are going to share this post on your social media account or directly to your friends. Fortunately now, I have 4-year experience in using Photoshop, doing free job is much easier compare before. Knowledge is also infinite. I’m still expecting that I will learn something new in this project.

To start it, you can reach me through this contact form or you can email me directly in my address also given from the link.


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