Hire me as Online Data Entry Specialist @ $2/hr Rate

I tried to post on Fiverr and onlinejobs.ph but unfortunately I got no gig order or any response from my application. I understand that most people lose their local career and it turns them to work online. The competition on getting a work from home is difficult these days. Even those in par-time are now doing homebase full time.

So I decided to develop my own website and publish my job application. I’m going to use my knowledge in SEO and place my appeal in front page of search engine so that employers or company who are looking for Filipino Virtual Assistant may give me chance for an interview or a test. 

Also, I like the idea of how I can make this application in long term. Instead of randomly posting on several job-listing websites, here I’m going to write for my own portal. No effort will be wasted. Everytime I spend time for this website it will contribute to my resources in the future. This is also a proof to my potential client that I’m much willing a long term employement. The same way I develop everything here. Let’s say a proof of my capability. 

At the end of the day, it is not only about how you reach me but technically the services I offer. All of my job appeal will be pointless if I’m not able to serve you based from what you are actually looking. 

So you need a data entry specialist for your team or company who can work remotely. You want a dedicated employee that will help you meet your goals. You are looking for someone who has a technical skills for your project such as good typing skills, self-oriented and resourceful in using different tools, and have an advanced knowledge in Microsoft Word and Excel. 

Well I guess, Google didn’t recommend me to you for nothing. Because as a virtual assistant I have skill sets mostly required for data entry task. 

Good Typing Skills

This is my bread-and-butter. In digital age, we can’t execute our expertise well without a good typing skills. That’s why 10 years ago, when I have decided for this career, I made sure that I will have advanced typing skills. Since that day, I never stop practice typing. Currently I have 70-100 words  per minute with 92-97% accuracy. Still, I’m opting for improvement which I can acquire from actual tasks that you will be given.

From my understanding of career opportunity, fast and accurate typing skills is a must. You are paying your employee based from duty hours. On every second of that hour, you want to get the full potential of your employee from what you are spending for. There are people good in Microsoft Excel and Word but without a good typing skills they are not able perform it well for the benefits of the company.

Advanced Knowledge in Microsoft Word, Excel, Google Sheets, and Website Content Management System

I’ve mentioned it in my about me page that I’m a business owner of Internet Cafe and Printing Shop in the Philippines. It’s common for me to deal on these application in daily basis. We are using it for our customer as well as for back-office stuff such as bookkeeping, inventory, and employees’ record. I’m using different formatting, formula and features of both applications. I’m confident that I can manage different platforms the company are using under the same concept of the said applications. This includes website content management system such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Vbulletin, PressBB, and etc.

Self-oriented and resourceful

To be good in search engine optimization (SEO), you need to be resourceful. Imagine you are working with millions of website in the internet, while most ideas and knowledge are free, a person needs to be resourceful and self-oriented in gathering those information to make it useful. The moment I decided developing this website, it was also the time I realized that the only way for me to make an edge over other job hunter is to have several resources specifically those only few will do. While everyone is busy spamming job-listing website, I created my own and tried to be resourceful in return of content I can share to the internet.

I’m really grateful of what technology we have today. Like how people are thinking the time they created such things, I’m also looking forward of how can I use it for my greatest benefits. As for instance, the keyboard and mouse macro. In data entry, we are doing repetitive task including copy-paste or whatever tasks you are required to do.  The easiest way to do it is using macro. Here you can automate repetitive task, or you can do a keyboard shortcut. As a self-oriented, I know how to assess a challenge and give a solution that will benefit not only me but the whole interest of the project. This will ensure me that I keep on learning as the project progress.

As data entry specialist I offer services such as:

Typing Job – Any typing related task you can imagine including converting PDF or scanned document, handwritten into Microsoft word documents. Type audio text and transcribe it into documents. I can also make a caption or subtitle for your Youtube video. 

Content Mapping – I can also work with website scrapper and re-encode the data. I can also search for a different online resources including Facebook Pages, Yellow Pages, Linkedin, and etc. and make database for each required detail. 

Article Rephrasing – This is different from article writing wherein I will ask my employer to send me an article or a topic sources and I will create a rephrased based article out of it. 

That are the services I have used to employ. But if you want me to give task that is not belong from the above list, I’m always open for negotiation. I’m also willing to learn and undergo training if that will make me fit for the qualification. I’m also willing for interview and test. Of course everything I said above is just a fairy tale without me proving it in a test. You can use the contact form and I will reply to as you soon as receive it.

So how about, let’s start it right now?