About Me

I’m Earvin Kyle Tupas Amacan, 32 years old,  an entrepreneur and Virtual Assistant from Philippines. I have 10 years experience working online and 5 years from local businesses. I decided to develop this website that will cater my services in both offline and online. I’m offering several services from years of experience. I need online job as virtual assistant that can do digital marketing, graphic design, data entry etc. 

I started working online back in 2009. I was in college when my teacher hired me to do digital marketing stuffs. We have clients back then and I need to do SEO tasks.We have one objective, to put our client’s website in front page of Google. I was given a blog to write article content and do link building by means of forum posting, blog posting, commenting, profile enlisting. Then social media became relevant in digital marketing, that was the time I was involved in social media marketing wherein I need to think of idea/content that might get viral in Facebook and Twitter. I created different pages and group in Facebook to promote our subject. 

After 3 years I started my own website. I used the knowledge I learned being a working student. That was my stepping stone to put up my own business. At that time I was believing that SEO will not stay forever. As well as being a reader of Robert Kiyosaki I need to use money to make money and that’s business. 

2015 when I established my internet cafe. I have a great passion on computer and I haven’t found any difficulties in working in that industry. I managed my business while still doing some online job in some idle time. I valued time a lot and I can’t waste it into non-productive things. Owning a internet cafe taught me a lot about troubleshooting, networking, business management including bookkeeping and marketing. 

Running the business for three years, I was convinced that I need to work out for another business. It was 2018 when I started my printing shop. Yes not too far away from computer industry wherein basic tasks are already present in my first business. We offer printing services including T-shirt, document, large format, souvenir, school supplies and everything that printer can do the job. This business improved my skills in graphic design as well as marketing. In every work I commit, it not the money that keeps me awake late a night and wake up early in the morning, it’s the learning behind it. I’m always looking back the moment that we are so poor that my parents can’t even pay my tuition fee in college. I was nothing until I accept the job, learn from it and make it for living. I love learning things and my venture have never disappointed me.

In my printing business the biggest challenges I experienced was handling a team and clients. I worked for years sitting in front of computer alone. I don’t need to talk or to get socialized with other people. Owning two business, things wouldn’t worked such way. I had to hire workers and I need to speak up with clients. That was not easy though but I took it as a challenge. I was unfold into a different perspective of business that made me whole today. I had established a good team and marketing strategy. I’m confident now that my business will run progressively with a least of my part. 

Today, I want to start a new venture. I’m planning to own an outsourcing company. But I want to start it myself just for now. I understand that this is a big deal so I need to ensure the foundation first before involving other people. Also with all skills set I learned from years working, I’m still capable of providing services online.

I understand the pressure of being a business owner or a big guy in the  team. I acknowledge your commitment and requirement to keeps everything working progressively. So I’m here offering to you my services as an asset to your industry. Together let’s take the path. I have miles of journey and I will not miss the opportunity from anyone who will give me a ride.